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Name Gillian Mae Childs Aliases Stephanie Winters, Gwen Chevalier
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Ability Augmentation
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate October 29, 1986 Age 25
Height 5'6" Build 135
Eyes Hazel Brown (flecks of green) Hair Brown (copper highlights)
Residence The Garden, Apartment at Redbird Security
Employment ???
Parents George and Peggy Childs, Jeffrey and Alison Winters Siblings Jennifer Childs, Victor Childs, Brian Fulk/Brian Winters
Marital Status Single Children Jolene Petrelli
First Seen October 6, 2008 Last Seen December 19, 2011
Profile A former Librarian in the Brooklyn Library who abandoned her job and her life and vanished. She has been assisting Phoenix, Endgame, Ferrymen and others in various operations. She was held by the Institute and is now in hiding from them and the public eye. Thanks to assistance from Hana of the Ferrymen, she has documents for a false identity known as Gwen Chevalier, a Tier 0 Registered Evolved.
Gillian Childs
portrayed by

Sophia Bush
Check to see if Queens is online. If she is and not +afk (not yellow), I am likely available. I don't mind being paged to log on my alts for RP.
Corbin Ayers Ex-Company Agent on the run. Once reporter for the New York Times Online.
Valerie Clover Ray Ward of the Ferrymen and youngest child of Edward Ray and sister of Kaylee.
The Lighthouse Kids Not excusively my NPCs, but I can play them upon request for those who ask!
Lorraine Fourier Ward of the Ferrymen, though lives outside of the Ferry. Raith's ex-squeeze and mother of Julie and Liette. DECEASED
Deanna Cash A gardener with a mysterious past who has been recently widowed.
Adel Starkey A musician who dropped out of college and has joined the band Mad Muse.
Kincaid August An assistant Producer at the Advocate and Studio K Radio.
Faye Crawford Formerly Frontline Unit 01, Squad 2: Communications Officer. Retired. Also Peyton's mom.




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The Future is changing, and Gillian along with it.

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