Gin Gibbs

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Name Ginny Rebecca Gibbs Aliases Malachi Gibbs, Malachi Ashmore, Gigi, Gin Rickey
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian; American
Birthdate July 31, 1860 Age 34
Height 5'4" Build Solid, broad, curvy
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Siann Hall
Employment Here and there
Parents Jackson and Rebecca Gibbs (both very very dead) Siblings Malachi, Caleb and Deborah Gibbs (also quite dead)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Freaks of Human Nature Last Seen And The Hell All Around, Part I

Note: Gin was last scene leaving NYC during the November 8th riots, and word is, the martial law situation has inspired her to stay away.

Gin is an ex-prostitute and as such… it is possible people around the city might know her in a biblical sense. And how fun would that be? Running into your former prostitute on the street? 8D And now, she takes work as she can get it, sometimes as a nanny, sometimes teaching horseback riding, sometimes being called up by a particularly loyal client, sometimes working as a bike messenger or landscaper or body guard or in construction or deliveries, etc. All odd jobs she can be paid under the table by shadowy figures without having to answer too many questions. Or ask many. She has a bit of a name around the underbelly of NYC as being both a little off balance, but also good at getting things done. For this type of networking, she goes by Gin Rickey. During her prostituting days, she went by Gigi.

Gin Gibbs
portrayed by

Helena Bonham Carter

"I don't know why I get into gunfights. I guess sometimes I just get lonely…" - Billy Clanton Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)



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  • Farm Life: Learning to help with her family's farm left her with a cache of useful skills since the family took care of everything that came up themselves. She learned how to care for the animals; including some medical care for them and how to slaughter them when it was their turn, care for the buildings; building and repairing and even the more aesthetic things such as painting and decor, when the crops were ripe to haul in, what to watch for to keep the from rotting or freezing or drying out and the like, a general knowledge of the plants around the desert area; which were edible or poisonous, a bit of instinct about storms coming in and that sort of thing. She knows how to ride a horse the way most people know how to walk. She had some experience in hunting and the use of a shotgun for those purposes as well as protecting the farm from intruders. She took care of her younger sister since birth, and helped her mother in the kitchen with preparing the food as well as storing it. She was taught to mend and sew clothes, knitting and embroidery, what the modern age calls Homeopathic remedies, chopping wood for fires, even some working knowledge of how to make homemade liquor. Her ideas of First Aid are… as one might imagine… somewhat primitive with only mild improvement since reaching the modern day.
  • Gunslinging: Her brother Malachi was an expert with pistols and growing up, he taught her how to hold and clean and shoot and do all that fancy twirling about to put on a show. She's something of a sharpshooter. She obviously learned this on guns from the olden days, but here in the future, she's done some catching up to keep herself sharp.
  • Knifefighting: This was learned over the years when she was pretending to be a man, as she was more than a little scrappy, just as the brother she was impersonating was. She had to get herself up to his skill level and fast when people started coming after "him".
  • Brawling: It's a little haphazard, but Gin is able to defend herself without a weapon. No formal training, but she learned it through real world experience. And after a lot of broken bones and bruised… well, ego.
  • Prostituting: More than just the obvious, this particular skill leans toward becoming someone you aren't. Taking on a persona that the client will find the most enjoyable. She's a pretty good read on what people want, or at least, what people wouldn't be completely turned off by even on a day-to-day level. And she can become the wilting innocent or the forward seductress or whatever the situation calls for. It's not a skill she always likes using, but it does sit in reserve for when it's useful.
  • Disguise: It's a good partner to the above skill, which is another she learned by necessity. She knows how to dress to make herself look like a completely different person. She can disguise features and voice and shape to make herself unrecognizable.
  • Thievery: Well, she knows a thing or two about stealing. However, her experience with breaking and entering… is a century or so out of date. So that probably wouldn't go very well these days, except for breaking into places that probably don't have anything worth stealing anyway. But she can, if necessary, steal to get by. (Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat… sort of thing.)
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