Roger Goodman

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Name Roger Goodman Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Teleportation
Gender Male Race/Eth. African-American
Birthdate December 17, 1967 Age 42
Height 6' 4" Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Classified
Employment Classified
Parents Mark Goodman (father; deceased)
Olivia Goodman (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Negotiations Last Seen Shame On Me
Profile Roger Goodman was a Public Relations Director at Biomere Research, a cutting-edge American biotech research firm. Secretly he was an employee of the _company, while operating as a spy in their ranks for _pinehearst and was murdered when he was discovered. Conspiracies involving a temporal manipulator have seemingly returned Goodman to coordinate efforts with the Institute, but eventually the new lease on life he held was cut short when time — inevitably — caught back up with him.
Roger Goodman
portrayed by

Lance Reddick



"A society should not merely be measured by its brightest lights, but on how the brightest light the way for those who cannot shine for themselves." — Roger Goodman, appearing at the Class of 1999 Graduation Ceremony at Yale.

January 2009
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