Griffin Mihangle

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Name Griffin Owain Mihangle Aliases Calum Stewart
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Telekinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Scottish-Polish (American)
Birthdate April 14, 1975 Age 35
Height 6'1" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Dark Brown
Residence Wherever the wind blows him.
Employment Busker, Construction Worker, Terrorist, Ferrymen
Parents Owain and Mila Mihangle Siblings Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle
Marital Status Single (Widower) (Engaged to Nadira) Children Owain Griffin Mihangle
Mackenzie Marjorie Mihangle II
First Seen You Were Once Beautiful Last Seen Justice
Profile A man with a haunting past, Griffin is the strong, silent type, who displays kindness when he can. He is an admitted widower and an escaped prisoner from Moab, who has found his way to New York City since then.
Griffin Mihangle
portrayed by

Adrien Brody



The ones who Griffin would give anything for.

Griffin's son, Owain, his life and his world. Owain was raised by Marjorie until the age of ten, when she died. Griffin, who had revealed his relation to his son only days before to the boy, rescued him after she was killed. He's scared, and it's like being a new father all over again, but he would die before letting any harm befall his son.


Musician/Composer Having trained and studied extensively at Indiana University School of Music, Griffin is a bit of a musical genius. He is able to play piano, violin, cello, guitar, bass, as well as percussion. He is also a song composer, preferring classical and jazz pieces.


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