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Name Hagan O'Sullivan Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Umbrakinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 11 April, 1975 Age 33
Height 5'11" Build Slim
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Brown
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen On Proximity of Friends and Enemies Last Seen
Profile Hagan is currently in Dublin.
Hagan O'Sullivan
portrayed by

Dylan Moran

"Why are people on fire? Why are people on fire Italian Teo?!" A Caricature of Vigilantism




(Not everything I RP is logged by me or others. So this is just a sampling)

November 2008:
Nov 8th: On Proximity of Friends and Enemies mit Peter
Nov 17th: Doomed To It, Chained To It mit Sylar
Nov 18th: See SCOUT Hunt aka Hagan's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
Nov 21st: Not Quite Stasi Hagan runs into Felix at the Nite Owl. They talk politics of the McCarthy variety.
Nov 23rd: Black and Blue Hagan hangs out in the shadows and witnesses Elle flash frying a guy. Also Ben and his bike are there.
Nov 25th: Expletive Deleted A night at a pub with Abby and two guys who are just as nice as he is.
Nov 27th: Sad Turkey Abby serves Hagan what passes for Thanksgiving dinner in a bar. She also heals his boo boos.
Nov 29th: Where The Bear Shits Hagan and Teo meet and discover they both have a taste for random violence in bars. Brian takes it too seriously. Ben tries to stay out of it.
Nov 30th: Colin Farrell Can Probably Skate Hagan is ditched by his skate-date when she realizes he's no Hollywood Irishman. Coincidentally, he runs into a bunch of people he's met before.

Dec 4th: The Surly Jerks & Soundly Directed Anger Both take place in bars with booze. No one is surprised.
Dec 6th: A Funny Way to Show Concern Christmas shopping for ma. Also Hagan tries to give Ben some advice.
Dec 9th: You're So Vain Hagan keeps on his abusive streak to poor Ben. There's also shots, Laura and Dantes
Dec 14th: Lost and Found Hagan takes in a stray Abby and gives her grapes and cheese.
Dec 15th: Brilliant, Watson Hagan discovers Julian did not bite it in the PARIAH raid. He also meets Claire and gets one step closer to fighting the good fight, even if there's no actual faction anymore.
Dec 16th: A Caricature Of Vigilantism The title refers to Hagan. Surprised? Haha. Really?
Dec 17th: Finder's Fee Teo very nicely returns the wallet that got stolen the day before. Awkwardness ensues.
Dec 20th: The Barflies and the Healer Hagan goes to Lucy's, speaks to a tired Abby and runs into Deckard again.
Dec 26th: Boxing Day Gift Exchange Abby fixes Hagan's lungs and liver and gives him a second chance.
Dec 30th: Recruitment Over Coffee Hagan is finally, officially inducted into la resistance.
Dec 31st: Not Awkward At All Hagan goes jogging and ends up with a not-a-date with Laura for New Years Eve. And then they go out for Irish New Year festivities.

Jan 1st: Invisibility Times Two Hagan gets punched by Claude. They're going to be the best of friends.
Jan 2nd: How Do You Refine a Blunt Instrument? Hagan is present at the first official meeting of Shedda Dinu
Jan 3rd: Low Man Hagan meets Miles. The Irishman's way of keeping a secret is to be a dick to the bodysnatcher. It doesn't work so well. Later that day, nothing fancy happens.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "I hate avocados. They give me mental hives. Vegetables should not have the consistency of butter."
  • "I've been here since before it all went to shite. I have to say it wasn't exactly a towering art deco shrine before it got all reduced to rubble. I once got off the subway and found a large lump of phlegm in my hair. It started growing its own ecosystem." Doomed to it, Chained to it.
  • "Now drink, you pissers. Maybe you'll magically turn into better bloody company." You're So Vain
  • "What is this, show and tell? Are you going to summon the children who toss peanuts at us and make us dance for pennies?" to Claire and Julian, on powers-sharing. Brilliant, Watson
  • "Oh really? I thought they shot sunshine up my arse and let me live to be a hundred and twenty," on cigarettes being bad for him, Low Man
  • "Laura! Sorry. Sorry. Traffic. Bastards. Snow. Shoelaches. Abby!" upon being late in Nothing Fancy


Teo - He's Italian. He appreciates a good dust up. We have similar European sensibilities. The only problem with the bastard is that he's a bloody hero. A hero! He returned my wallet. Who does that kind of thing these days?
Alexander - Similar issues to Teo. I saved his arse once so apparently he had to go and risk it all for the scrap of leather I call my wallet. He and the Italian are in some kind of posse and are on the hit list of the fucking Yakuza. Goddamn heroes. Make me feel like a fuck-up.
Julian -Another Irishman. Too bad he's from Belfast. At least he's Catholic. I really did want to hate him, but can't so much after I learned that he can KILL PEOPLE BY TOUCHING THEM. That's a rough deal. For everyone involved.

Trivia and Notes:

  • This is pretty much what Hagan is like. Just replace 'Bernard Black' with 'Hagan O'Sullivan.' (Note: If you've seen Black Books, he's not entirely like Bernard, but in this particular clip the characters are very close) Same goes for this. That would be Hagan exactly at tax-time.
  • Themesong: If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Young Dubliners


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