Hana Gitelman

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Name Hana Gitelman Aliases Wireless, K.Apila
Samantha Meisner
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Technopathy
Biochemical Manipulation
Gender Female Race/Eth. Israeli
Birthdate June 19, 1979 Age 32
Height 5' 9" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence unknown
Employment none
Parents Zahava Gitelman
Joshua Gitelman
Siblings David Rooijker/Rebel (uncle)
Marital Status Single Children Noa "Nora" Gitelman (posthumously, in another timeline)
First Seen A Request for Infiltration Last Seen If You Show Me How
Profile Ex-Mossad. Ex-Company. Now Hana helps run the organization that tries to move Evolved humans to places of safety, while biding her time and waiting for a chance to take out the Company Institute.
Hana Gitelman
portrayed by

Stana Katic

The dead are the worst taskmasters.
No matter how you struggle, no matter what you sacrifice, what you lose, what you pay — they give you no nod, however minimal, to show their approval.
No benediction.
No absolution.

Michelle West, The Uncrowned King, p. 230

In an ally, considerations of house, clan, planet, race are insignificant besides two prime questions, which are:
1. Can he shoot?
2. Will he aim at your enemy?

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, various Liaden Universe novels



Many might find it hard to believe for the aloof, violence-prone technopath, but family — at least her maternal relatives — is the single most important thing in Hana's world. Family that has been lost, and found, and then lost again… perhaps forever, this time, and if that's the case, what bedrock does she have left to stand on?

The answer to that question, Hana could never have anticipated, not in a million years.

Noa Gitelman is the daughter Hana never expected to have, the continuation of her family's legacy sent back from a future where Hana herself is dead. Their relationship is complicated by the fact that Noa inherited her mother's pride, temper, and (lack of) facility with words, but they seem to be working their way through that. Regardless of such details, however — Noa is blood.
The disembodied consciousness of an uncle she never met alive, T.Monk was the last 'living' member of Hana's family — until he 'died' saving her from a Chinese technopath and a deadly computer virus. That didn't go over well… especially when he resurfaced not as himself.
The disembodied consciousness of a boy she never knew, Hana considered R.Ajas something of an honorary cousin because her uncle adopted him as a protege. Until he also 'died', in the same confrontation that claimed T.Monk. While he did become part of Rebel, R.Ajas is not the part of Rebel that really carries significance for Hana.
It took Hana a long time to unbend enough to accept that Rebel was more than an illusion, more than fragments imitating spirit, more than a manipulative entity trying to secure her trust — that Richard Drucker truly lived on within this tripartite being. Then he got himself entangled with Messiah. Infected with a virus. Went insane and endangered a mission they had both been entrusted with. Hana herself dismantled Rebel… an act she will never forgive herself for, all the more so because she knows she could and would do it again, family or no.

Log Icons

In Person Nightmare K.Apila 2018


Volume I: Ascent
09/05/08 A Request for Infiltration Peter, lately of PARIAH, comes looking for the technopath's help. Hana, Peter
09/16/08 Shifting Focus PARIAH declares intent to grab the 'Walker system'. Hana, Peter
09/18/08 Friends in Digital Places Wireless provides PARIAH with info for their raid. Claire, Mohinder, Peter, Wireless/Hana
09/23/08 This We Know... Claire's recent capture is discussed. Bennet, Hana, Helena
Volume II: Divisions
10/07/08 Evil Preppy Young Republican Claire meets Wireless. Peter has changed sides. Claire, Hana, Helena
10/24/08 Nothing to Say A viral video brings two technopaths into contact. Diego, Mallory, Wireless/Hana
10/24/08 Proposition Two Ferrymen encourage half of PARIAH to split. Bennet, Hana, Helena
10/25/08 Reach Out and Touch Someone Helena follows up on intel Hana gave her during their meeting. Helena, Wireless/Hana
10/27/08 We'll Be Seeing You Potential allies test the waters… Diego, Hana, Helena
11/01/08 Trust Takes Time …and agreements are made. Diego, Hana, Helena
11/03/08 All She Wants to Do is Dance A night out turns into a different kind of dance. Alexander, Hana, Helena, Kain, Teo
11/07/08 Somebody and Nobody An acquaintance reaches out. Mallory, Wireless/Hana
Volume III: A Collective Fear
11/08/08 The Reason for the Name A discussion of bugs. Hana, Teo
Black and White After Christian leaves a message for Phoenix, someone unexpected gets in touch. Christian, Teo, Wireless/Hana
Don't Shoot the Messenger The nascent Phoenix plans its future. Abby, Eve, Hana, Helena, Teo
11/11/08 Bullet List Allies discuss people and plans… Bennet, Hana, Helena
11/12/08 How To Sneak Into Carnegie Hall …and plan training. Hana, Helena
The Bikers' Club Three Ferrymen meet to plan a safehouse. Elvis, Hana, Jezebel
11/22/08 Easily Done An offer of funding is gladly accepted. Cat, Hana
11/23/08 Witness Protection: It Sucks A motley crew gives Deckard shelter. Conrad, Deckard, Hana, Teo
11/26/08 The Nature of Fear Cat requests intel on recent aquaintances. Cat, Colette, Grace, Hana
11/28/08 Muster Wireless is asked to pass information — and to give personal advice. Teo, Wireless/Hana
A Present for Hana Helena brings data from the Company. Hana, Helena
Volume IV: A Taste of Armageddon
Date Night One technopath teaches another… Hana, Mallory
11/29/08 Lesson to Vanguard …and together drain their enemy's accounts. Hana, Mallory
12/02/08 Flex Your Trigger-Finger Abductions and refuges are discussed. Hana, Teo
12/10/08 Critiques on the Art of Negotiation Hana observes while Phoenix decides what to do about hostages. Alexander, Brian, Conrad, Diego, Elisabeth, Elvis, Hana, Helena, Monica, Owen, Teo
Exit Wound Teo brings a foundling somewhere he shouldn't be. Dantes/Felix, Hana, Teo
12/13/08 Have to Be Terrorists and the need for action are discussed. Hana, Teo
12/16/08 To Be Called Upon On recent events, information, and the nature of aid… Cat, Hana
12/17/08 Like the Odessa File …and the second half of that conversation. Cat, Hana
12/19/08 To Save Rickham, Part One Wireless is called upon for real-time intel. Cat, Grace, Jezebel, Trask, Wireless/Hana
12/20/08 Consultation In private, there is less unity and more one-sided suspicion. Bennet, Hana
12/21/08 In Denial A student is presented with the choice between knowledge and non-involvement. Malware/Mallory, Wireless/Hana
12/22/08 It's Everyone's Problem The wrong side of the law allies with the right. For now. Hana, Helena, Matt
12/30/08 Backup Plan Jezebel receives a task. Hana, Jezebel
Swimming with Sharks Teo prods at sore subjects. Hana, Teo
12/31/08 Conversion Memory, telepathy, and technopathy are woven together, and Matt indulges in risky mischief. Cat, Hana, Matt
01/05/09 Rent Asunder Helena and Teo are summoned for the sharing of information. Bennet gets on the wrong side of Hana. Again. Bennet, Hana, Helena, Teo
You Were Leaving Helena is reminded of the difference between leaving and leaving. Hana, Helena
01/06/09 Serendipity Wireless plays message relay. Brian, Cat, Dina, Elisabeth, Helena, Wireless/Hana
01/07/09 The Silence of the Angels Hana asks questions of the dead. There are no answers. Hana
01/09/09 Alike Hana reveals the tangles of her history with Bennet. Hana, Teo
01/15/09 Under the Rug The three amigos seeks some guidance and firepower in cleaning up their mess. Eve, Gillian, Hana, Kent
01/17/09 Turning Inward Hana provides support while Teo is medicked. Eve, Hana, Sonny, Teo
01/19/09 Your Invitation Teo invites Hana to a shindig. Hana, Teo
01/23/09 You Meant Never Teo intrudes on Hana launching her backup plan. Hana, Teo
01/28/09 Ship of Death Hana infiltrates the Invierno on her own. Deckard, Hana, Rico
Endgame - To Die at Sea The virus-carrying ship is stopped, at the cost of a life. Brian, Deckard, Hana, Monica, Rico, Teo
Volume V: Nadir
02/03/09 The Start Healed, Teo touches base and asks impertinent questions. Again. Hana, Teo
02/11/09 Is That All? Cat makes a visit, is reminded of security concerns. Cat, Hana
02/13/09 Lesson Plan Elisabeth looks for fighting lessons, gets acting instead. Elisabeth, Hana
02/16/09 Wake Up Teo disrupts Hana's rest with intel and a request for action… Hana, Teo
02/20/09 Hit and Run …which leads Hana to sneak into the local DHS offices. Carmichael, Hana
02/22/09 Hunter and Hunter One hunter is hunted, but traps the other. Carmichael, Hana
02/25/09 A Storm is Coming Hana is given an offer, and then her freedom. Goodman, Hana, Maury
02/27/09 In the Shadow of Angels Hana puts the reality of her environment to the test. Hana
03/06/09 A Lean Wind Flays While house-hunting on behalf of Phoenix, recent events are discussed. Hana, Teo
03/18/09 Closer to Okay Teo asks a personal favor; learns of a personal tragedy. Hana, Teo
03/29/09 Non-Believers Teo prods at what Hana believes. Hana, Teo
03/31/09 Reset Observers notice a disturbance, call off the operation. Eileen, Hana, Teo
Volume VI: A Sound of Thunder
04/11/09 More or Less Polite Studying digital tracks leads to a confrontation. Robin Hood/Wade, Wireless/Hana
04/15/09 Not Merry Mallory turns to the person who helped her arrange payback last time. Malware/Mallory, Wireless/Hana
04/30/09 Door Number One Asked what to do when faced with two enemies, Hana gives the only possible answer. Cat, Hana
05/06/09 The Virtual Life Wireless makes contact with her displaced student. Malware/Mallory, Wireless/Hana
05/11/09 Christ's Sake, Gitelman A displeased technopath retrieves her student from the Company, by direct force. April, Hana, Len, Mallory, Minea
05/11/09 One Day The things Mallory and Hana have in common just keep racking up. Alistair, Hana, Mallory
05/15/09 Insensitive Demands A ghost from her past pays Hana a visit, and receives a less than spectacular welcome. K.Apila/Hana, T.Monk
05/22/09 Will Not and Cannot Len wants Hana's help. She doesn't give it to him, for all kinds of reasons. Len, Wireless/Hana
05/25/09 Not a Better Person Robin Hood comes asking about how to be a better person. Hana knows she isn't one, but presumes to give advice anyway. K.Apila/Hana, Robin Hood/Wade
06/01/09 Spotted Wade has no idea there's a secret Technopath Spidey-Sense. Unfortunately for him, Hana does. Alistair, Hana, Wade
06/09/09 Anything but Safe Hana on behalf of an innocent, and also someone she'd rather not deal with. Hana, Kimberlynn, Wade
Do Hana gives some cold comfort, some blunt truth, and demands action to suit words. K.Apila/Hana, Robin Hood/Wade
06/10/09 Almost Home Hana and doppelganger establish an understanding. Hana, Ghost/Teo
06/14/09 Interested in Ending It All? Elisabeth shares information on the Company Founders and their current states. Elisabeth, Hana
Back to Square One Bereft of her ability, Claire asks to learn new tactics. Claire, Hana
Susceptibility A student with a different face demonstrates new tricks. Ghost/Teo, Hana
06/19/09 At the Death of the Day Hana celebrates her birthday in the only way she knows how. Ghost/Teo, Hana
06/25/09 Not Good Enough Robin Hood reports back to K.Apila. She isn't particularly impressed. K.Apila/Hana, Robin Hood/Wade
06/29/09 Readily Accessible Hana confronts Eileen about Jensen Raith and whatever Vanguard's New York branch is planning. Eileen, Hana
07/02/09 Lines in the Sand The technopath sticks her nose into someone else's conversation. Cardinal, Ghost, K.Apila/Hana
07/06/09 Only One Answer Present business intrudes on the anniversary of the moment that defined Hana's life. Raith, Wireless/Hana
07/23/09 Checkmate - Attraction While allies attack Pinehearst, Wireless chases off its digital guardian. Malice/Wade, Wireless/Hana
Volume VII: Escalation
07/29/09 Old Business Hana invites Teo on a personal crusade. Hana, Teo
07/31/09 Alecto Company Founder Harold Fletcher meets his end. Hana, Teo
08/02/09 Broken Trust Calling the Company while Hana is listening in is a very good way to get her attention. Elisabeth, Hana
08/03/09 Play Along Guiding Light church hosts a bug sweep between estranged allies. Elisabeth, Hana Teo
08/15/09 Of Sigrun and Skogul An unexpected audience witnesses the activation of the Munin Project isotope-tracking satellites. Hana
08/24/09 Serpent in the Garden The Ferry is alerted of a compromised safehouse. Cardinal, Wireless/Hana
08/25/09 The Dead We Carry Hosting Teo's disembodied self, Hana retrieves his actual body. Hana, Teo
10/03/09 Tisiphone Hana comes for Company Founder Victoria Pratt. Pratt is not alone. Hana, Teo
10/25/09 Next Time, Shoot First Hana seeks information on her latest target. Hana, Hector, Iago
10/28/09 Megaera Company Founder Carlos Mendez at last meets his end, in front of an unexpected audience. Hana, Nathan
10/29/09 Good Learning Experience Alerted to interest in someone she's monitoring, Wireless meets an unfamiliar technopath. D.Crypt/Alia, K.Apila/Hana
Volume VIII: Fallout
11/05/09 Mnemosyne Hana seeks affirmation from the dead, with the aid of Refrain. Hana
11/10/09 Bellerophon A Company agent reaches out to ask impossible questions. Hana, Veronica
11/14/09 Before the Walls of Troy Hana asks Noah to call in a favor from a friend… Bennet, Hana
11/28/09 Aite …then recklessly assaults the serpent's lair. Hana, Sabra
12/13/09 Ananke Entirely the wrong tone is applied to the lioness in a DHS cell. Hana
12/29/09 A Virtual Thermopylae Coerced into opposing a Chinese technopath, Hana falls victim to a technopath's virus, is saved by the sacrifice of others. Behemoth/Shen, K.Apila/Hana, R.Ajas, T.Monk
01/24/10 The Hand of Morpheus Hana dreams a wasteland, a hunt, and a mystery. Hana
02/07/10 The Hand of Phantasos A pleasant dream is haunted by a menacing apparition. Hana, Nightmare Man, Teo
02/14/10 The Hand of Phobetor Hana faces off against her own shadow… and at last wakes from her long coma. Hana
02/21/10 No Purusha Yet When Hana doesn't reappear in GCT on her usual exercise schedule, one of her keepers comes out looking. Hana, Megan
02/23/10 What Happened Cat catches Hana up on recent events, including the identity of Rebel. Cat, Hana
02/24/10 The Banks of the Acheron Summoned, Rebel answers. He tells Hana nothing she wants to hear. Hana, Rebel
Volume IX: Fahrenheit
03/14/10 Adrift on the River Styx Hana declares herself recovered, and on her way out meets a living shadow. Cardinal, Hana
03/20/10 Often Doubt Remains Information is shared on a girl named Liette and the technopath amalgamation Rebel. Cat, Hana
04/13/10 The Makings of Absolute Disaster When an associate skids out on an icy corner, Hana acquires an uninvited guest. Colette, Hana
The Kitten and the Lion Colette pushes boundaries, but an accord is subsequently reached. Colette, Hana
04/18/10 Woosh The Ferry drafts a plan for its vaccine acquisition. Abby, Colette, Eileen, Hana, Meredith, Raith, Tasha
04/27/10 The Apple of Discord Cooperation is a myth. Hana, Rain, Veronica
05/08/10 A Bird and a Wire Tasha has a quandary; Wireless connects her to advisors. Colette, Eileen, Tasha, Wireless/Hana
06/04/10 Sleeping Dogs Hana pays homage to her uncle's peaceful philosophy, then agrees to aid Cardinal's bloody plan. Cardinal, Elisabeth, Hana
Volume X: Awakening
06/10/10 The Edge of the Precipice In the wake of the Flashforward, half a bus is left stranded on a bridge. Abby, Cat, Delilah, Hana, Kaylee, Silver, Teo
Come Full Circle At the scene of a bus accident all too reminiscent of her past, Hana and Teo talk themselves entirely around the subjects that really matter. Hana, Teo
06/12/10 In the Days to Come Cardinal and Hana meet to touch base on recent events and, most importantly, discuss how to deal with impending futures. Cardinal, Hana
06/18/10 Casting Stones The Ferry convenes below ground by boat to discuss proposed changes to the network's structure. Abby, Bennet, Cat, Colette, Doyle, Eileen, Else, Hana, Jonas, Joseph, Kaylee, Magnes, Raith, Robin, Rourke, Sable, Scott, Susan, Tasha, Ygraine
06/23/10 Sparks Hana confronts Rebel about his observation of Abby's phone traffic. Sparks fly. Hana, Rebel
I'm Feeling Lucky Deckard seeks contact with an old friend by way of Wireless. Deckard, Wireless/Hana
Third Strike Abby brings bad news and is given refuge. Abby, Hana
06/25/10 Explain to Me Hana confronts Susan about rumors and suspicions. Hana, Susan
07/06/10 A Comfortable Blindness In honor of those both loved and lost so very long ago, Hana and Rebel take a personal day and make-believe they never had a falling-out. Hana, Rebel
07/10/10 Talent Scouting While checking out the spectators and fighters at Center Stage, Logan meets the woman from his vision — not, perhaps, how he expected to. Hana, Logan
07/15/10 Seven Month Old Hearsay Cat comes asking about secondhand intel. Cat, Hana
07/18/10 Day of Rest Sable comes asking after Hana's vision, receives noncooperation. Hana, Sable
07/26/10 Exciting Junk Bonds Two associates discuss suspect allies and the intel they provide. Hana, Raith
08/09/10 Negotiating Relationships Rebel shows up in the flesh, pushes buttons, and asks for aid. Hana, Rebel
08/12/10 Down in Flames, Part I One combined force of Ferry, Messiah, and Endgame holds the line while others assault the Institute's Staten Island facility. Abby, Ash, Avi, Cat, Eileen, Elisabeth, Hana, Jaiden, Rickham, Sasha
06/13/10 Prosaic Logan bumps into someone who isn't quite a stranger. Hana, Logan
09/05/10 Not a Plan Two technopaths discuss the problems posed by isotope-tracking satellites. D.Crypt, Wireless/Hana
10/09/10 Proximity 'Casey' invades Logan's space for sake of entertainment; he returns the favor in kind, albeit different degree. Hana, Logan
10/10/10 Turing Rebel has a crisis of conscience and confides in the closest thing to kin he truly has. Hana, Rebel
10/13/10 The Second Sun The launch that sends four people into space starts off bad and just gets worse. Gael, Linus, Melissa, Rebel, Ryans, Wireless/Hana
Firewall The trap is sprung, lines are crossed, and it comes down to a battle when angels of the modern age cross swords. Rebel, Siobhan, Wireless/Hana
10/16/10 Threatened Logan does a little stalking. From there, it's all improvisation. Hana, Logan
10/24/10 Rupert Hunting Two vindictive women meet to discuss their current favorite subject. Hana contributes negation drugs to the cause. Hana, Melissa

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Volume XII: Divided We Fall
11/08/10 Hana's premonition plays out… differently. Brennan, Cardinal, Hana
11/14/10 Hana and Peter have a little chat about Rebel. Hana, Peter
11/19/10 Hana reflects on how tenuous existence is, in any form. Hana
11/20/10 Hana and Cardinal have a little chat about his — absence. Also, Hana researches computer science. Cardinal, Hana
11/21/10 Hana asks a very personal favor from Noah, of all people. Bennet, Hana
12/02/10 Abby asks Wireless for a favor. Abby, Hana
12/04/10 Barbara has need of Wireless' professional opinion. Barbara, Hana
12/06/10 Unexpected company ends in unwanted power swap… Cardinal, Eldridge, Hana, Logan
12/06/10 …which makes her somewhat responsible for the recipient. Hana, Logan
12/07/10 Hana sends word that Wireless… isn't. Hana, Ygraine
12/09/10 Waking, Logan discovers that responsibility has limits. Hana, Logan
12/13/10 A meeting to discuss a common enemy. Elisabeth, Hana
12/18/10 A meeting to discuss the weaknesses of technopathy. Cat, Hana
12/19/10 Hana's morning exercise is interrupted. That isn't what offends. Hana, Nora
12/23/10 Hana interrupts Nora's morning exercise — educationally. Hana, Nora
12/27/10 Accusations fly; so do warnings. Hana, Logan
12/28/10 Hana can't grant Noah's request. Storms off, in fact. Bennet, Hana
01/23/11 Artists. First they have to unlearn, before they can be taught. Hana, Rue
01/28/11 What is it with people and annoying questions? Hana, Rue
02/10/11 Some people are slow learners. Hana, Nora
Volume XIII: Crossroads
10/04/11 Fundamentals Lucille receives an introduction to meditation. Hana, Lucille
10/13/11 Kinship Two Gitelman women have a heart-to-heart over the memory of a fallen kinsman. Hana, Noa
10/18/11 Chaos and Destruction The Ferry's Special Activities Division hastily enacts a raid. Brian, Eve, Gabriel, Hana, Lashirah, Megan, Ryans
10/20/11 How Do You Miss It? Hana lays low in the wake of an attack on the government. Logan was just in the neighbourhood. Hana, Logan
10/26/11 Swapsies Abilities are returned to their rightful owners, painfully. Alistair, Hana, Liette, Logan
10/29/11 Overlap Wireless and her daughter discuss abilities and capabilities. Hana, Noa
Digital Business Two technopaths touch base in advance of events, and Hana asks a favor. Alia, Hana
11/02/11 Orpheus I Hana takes stock of the obstacles that stand in the way of attaining a personally significant goal. Hana
11/05/11 Somewhere Nice Logan invites Hana somewhere at odds with their usual environs for sake of a little dancing. Hana, Logan
Volume XIV: Five Years Gone
11/08/11 Any Lies Unexpected 'guests' lay bare a long-running deception. Ando, Bennet, Candice, Hana, Hiro, Matt, Peter
Two Knives Six years of complicated relationship come to an end. Bennet, Hana
11/19/11 The Meaning of 'Rebuild' Hana tracks down the only person in the world who can answer the question she needs to ask. Hana, Niki
11/28/11 If You Show Me How A stray cat stumbles into a lioness' resting place and finds rehabilitation of a sort she didn't expect. Colette, Hana
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