Hao-Tung Tsang

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Name Tsang Hao-Tung Aliases N/A
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Chinese
Birthdate February 20, 1958 Age 51
Height 5'11" Build Solid
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Black
Residence Hester Gardens, Chinatown, New York
Employment Flying Dragons Triad
Parents Tsang Sau-Yin (father, deceased)
Tsang Yanmei (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed Children Anthony Tsang (son)
First Seen Facades Last Seen N/A
Profile Formerly of the Royal Hong Kong Police, Hao-Tung is a high-ranking executive of the Flying Dragons with a reputation for being a brutal, tradition-stickling dick. Now that Song Ye is dead, he is still (and intends to be) no happier about the remaining Ye sibling, but he has adopted a temporary truce in the preservative interest of the triad— and all the triads of New York's Chinatown.
Hao-Tung Tsang
portrayed by

Simon Yam



August 2009
Date Log Participants
3rd Facades Ellen
7th God of Small Problems Bao-Wei
7th Unbroken Ground Ellen
16th Involvement Ellen
23rd Utility In Death Bao-Wei, Liu, NPCs
October 2009
Date Log Participants
10th A Common Enemy Liu, Zhao


Though he has only been with the Flying Dragons for nine years, give or take, Hao-Tung has been rolling around inside the world of triads for much longer. Bao-Wei was a long-familiar face (or at least a name) even before Yeoh hired Tsang in, and as far as the members of this particular triad go, the man isn't such a bad one.


  • [Languages] The Cantonese, Taiwanese and Mandarin dialects of Chinese, and English. He's lived in the United States for nearly twenty years, long enough to have a reasonably good grasp of American vocabulary and grammatical patterns. Like millions of other first-generation immigrants, however, he is doomed to never quite be able to shed his accent.
  • [Police] Hao-Tung is a former member of Hong Kong's police force, as his dad was before him, and he still has much of the leftover skills and knowledge from that time period. Granted, it's Hong Kong's constitutional law, civil rights, and local ordinances he's familiar with, not so much those of the United States, but he at least basically knows what kind of details to look for and expect. On top of still being physically fit for his age, he has training in patrolling, traffic control, firearms, interrogation, first aid, defusing emergency situations, and unarmed self-defense.
  • [Red Poleness] And of course, it helps that he's had lots of practice doing police-like things in a triad capacity. His many years as a Red Pole, or an enforcer in charge of leading a unit of 15-50 fighting men against rival triads in turf spats, have ensured that the more action-packed elements of his training have stayed sharp. He's picked up a thing or two about area tactics and psychological warfare, as well.
  • [Vanguard] After his stint as Red Pole came the position Hao-Tung currently occupies, Vanguard. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the triad, seeing to it that everything runs smoothly and possessing the authority to dish out corrections when it doesn't. He also assists the Incense Master (which the Flying Dragons may or may not have?) in organizing and administering ceremonies of initiation and promotion, inspects potential recruits, and personally advises the leadership of the triad. Life as a Vanguard involves a heck of a lot less violence than being a Red Pole did, a step down, but it does involve tactics of a different kind. Hao-Tung is no liaison officer, a task mainly reserved for the Straw Sandal, but he is experienced in matters of diplomacy and business with people in positions of power— in other triads or not.

Trivia and Notes

  • 'Tradition-stickling' applies to details and procedures outside triad life, as well. Partially thanks to the style of his own upbringing, he can be quite an old-fashioned believer in modesty, correctness, social pecking order, and so on.
  • As a note so it's always out there: Tsang is the family name, Hao-Tung the first.
  • The son of Chi-Ang, Hao-Tung's first wife, Anthony went missing after the Midtown explosion; it's still uncertain whether he's alive or dead, though most people certainly assume the latter. He is a possibility for adoption.
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