Desmond Harper

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Name Desmond Harper Aliases King of Swords
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Remote Sense Projection
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 17, 1966 Age 43
Height 6' 2" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Dark Brown
Residence The Octagon
Employment The Commonwealth Institute
Parents Simon Broome (father)
Classified (mother)
Siblings Classified
Marital Status Classified Children Classified (Son)
First Seen Interesting Positions Last Seen
Profile Agent Harper is an operative for the Department of Homeland Security and right hand man to the leader of the Institute. Harper is also a member of the Institute's internal security section, FRONTLINE Zero with a designation of 00-01.
Desmond Harper
portrayed by

John Barrowman



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