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Name Huruma Aliases Hanan/Hanaan/Hannan
Ebele Barros
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Empathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Black; African, mixed background
Birthdate October Age Unknown; 42~
Height 6'5" Build Athletic
Eyes White Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Tsoka & Nafula, parents
Etana, grandmother
Siblings Nyatui, brother
Asali, sister
Marital Status Single Children Juwariya Dunsimi, daughter
Dajan Dunsimi, son
Badrani Dunsimi, grandson
First Seen A Different School of Thought Last Seen N/A
Profile Huruma is an empath of ambiguous and morally questionable intent. An independent contractor of various means, she somehow manages to find herself a niche wherever she lands.
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Huruma is a tall woman of statuesque presence and intimidating, calculating manner; she stands at just over six-foot-five, with a bottom-heavy hourglass shape and an athlete's muscle. Her skin is a deep brown, smooth and shaded like a dark, burnished copper.

Her features are a mixture of alluring and severe, her face proportioned with a classically regal edge. High cheekbones meet an angular jawline that tapers into a proud chin; eyes of white iris and inky pupil with hooded lids, accented by arched brows; full, rounded lips under a straight, low nose and around white teeth.

She moves with a graceful, purposeful air, almost feline or serpentine, and predatory in no uncertain way; she is often refined, with well-manicured hands evoking subtle claws, and hair commonly shorn bald or short in a show of understated elegance. Resting expressions tend towards smoldering neutrality, and an accented drawl of smoky velvet rounds out the rest.

Social Circle


Huruma loves and respects her grandmother to the point of seeing Etana as an almost god-like presence in her life. Etana was essentially the one to make sure that Huruma lived long enough to begin to fend for herself; she taught her, fought for her, and loved her first- and quite possibly made herself stick to Huruma in far more metaphysical ways over the course of things.
He is her son, presumed dead and found very much alive; there is now fresh guilt, fresh regrets, and a need to prove herself maternal to her own child while she has the chance. She did try to be a mother to the twins, once upon a time- Her children got the brunt of that confusion and frustration with the state of the world- and the state of herself. Now, however, she is in her prime; fully grown and much wiser than her teenage self would ever have expected. She is faced with the son she could have raised, though he did a very fine job of raising himself into a fine and good young man. In that, his accomplishments, and his talents, she is very proud of him, even to the point of truly feeling that she does not deserve him in her life- if he lets her, though, she will certainly take an opportunity to love him fully. A mother will love her children, and her children's children; perhaps the ordeal of finding him shows her how human she still is.
Her daughter, unlike her son, harbors nothing bu forgiveness for her mother. Whether it is honest, or innocent, is hard to tell. Regardless, Juwariya is a simple and warm and very open presence, and what you see is what you get. Huruma finds it easy to love her back, because of this.
A re-introduction after many years brought them back together again; the mission that made them come into contact caused Ryans to come away with one less partner and scars that are now gone. Huruma respects him, and he, her; she knows that he is very capable and very purposeful, and recognizes that perhaps she was also lucky those years ago to come out of the circumstances between them- just as he did. They always had a forced respect as stubborn creatures are apt to do, though it has since leant towards a more mutual and willing thing; not to mention that to both of them, the notion of still having a family has taken a larger role, whether by blood or not. They have far more in common than they did at first, and both of them have long since matured and tempered out. At this point they seem to have the dynamic common of age-old acquaintances- even though he is familiar with when he must be wary with her, regardless of the two having mutually admitted they have, appreciate- and need- this dynamic friendship. She has since to terms with the fact that her affection for him is a complicated thing on both ends of the line, and that while empaths know how everyone else feels, knowing oneself and what the heart wants is always a trial. At this point, Huruma considers Benjamin to be her best friend- something that is rare and valuable in itself.
A token redhead, with a knack for medical curiosity and asking awkward questions. Of the two Ryans girls, Huruma finds that she connected faster with Delia. There was initially no more reason to this than the fact that she seems to be less superficial and less catty than her sister is, and overall more appreciative of little things because of her second child status. As of late, however, Delia has developed her own ability, and her own instabilities to go with it. Because of this, Huruma has tried to adopt a status as someone for Delia to turn to, a female figure to look after the younger daughter, someone that Delia can trust- and largely, at a dead mother's behest.
Ben's little girl; worked with her at Old Lucy's. She's painfully normal in the girl department, though harbors a certain aura all of her own that Huruma has come to recognize as somewhat like her father's was back in his hayday. Lulu's consistent presence has been regarded with patience, and Huruma is willing to give a friendship the time. She has also developed an ability- one that Huruma herself is respectful of as its own entity, and she hopes to be there for Lu as she has tried for Delia. Lucille seems keen on her, at least, so perhaps it won't take too much work.
One of two fellow Level 5 escapees; Huruma found him interesting enough to have stuck around for some time, the result of which has been a more than welcome presence that Huruma finds close enough to true friendship. The fact he and Huruma often have similar trains of thought helps too; while he tends to have plans extending far into the future, Huruma seems to be helping him in the present with these for a few reasons other than she happens to parallel with them, and that she simply enjoys his company. Adam has before brought her back from the brink of death, and through this she grew even more attached to him and his purpose. They trust each other quite a bit; obviously enough of such to regard each other as a close ally in the long run, and as something more in the present. Adam is one of the most attached-to; he once even claimed that she was something of the only family he has, though she is wary on how honest that claim was- only because she knows that he likes to play with little white lies. It felt sincere, and she still regards it that way.
A girl she first met working at Old Lucy's; a sweet-and-sour sort of young woman that seems to have been on Huruma's good side from the very start. It has grown into Huruma having a somewhat bizarrely strong attachment to Abby and as a result is quite protective; if anything, the relationship is best described as Huruma seeing Abby as a sort of daughter- she is a mother figure, but not entirely benevolent in such. Huruma looks after the girl as if she were indeed her own. Abby somehow strikes a calmer chord with her as well, and though she never lets Abby often see her malevolence, Abby seems to accept and love her for who she is.
Huruma hasn't known Megan for terribly long, but even then the woman has warmed a spot in Huruma; one of the main medics for the Ferrymen, that is also how she met Megan. She finds her to be a rather accepting presence amidst some that are not so much, and sometimes that can be the biggest thing for her- acceptance. Megan has also expressed concern for Huruma as she might for any other friend, and it is reciprocated gladly.
The Obi-Wan to her Anakin. The Xavier to her Jean Grey.

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