Isis O' Conner (aka Joanne King)

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Name Isis O'Conner Aliases Joanne King
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Body Swapping
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 11/08/1988 Age 20
Height 5' 3" Build 112 lbs.
Eyes Hazel Hair Red
Residence Gun Hill: #502
Employment Unemployed Bartender
Parents Harry O'Conner
Shannon Sullivan
Siblings Raeven O'Conner (Step-Sister)
Chelsea O'Conner (Half-Sister)
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Plenty of Bitching Last Seen
Isis O' Conner (aka Joanne King)
portrayed by

Laura Prepon

What does not kill one, makes one stronger.


Current Isis isis2_icon.gif Past Isis isis_icon.gif

Trivia and Notes:

  • Isis has the oddly cute habit of twitching her nose when thinking.
  • On that note - she despises the word 'cute' and having it directed at her. She is, after all, trying to give off the badass vibe.



A major in Psychology with a minor in Sociology give this little spitfire an edge in understanding those around her. Should she ever seek to put her knowledge to good use, she'd make a fine doctor in all honesty. Because of the demands of this Major (considered a Bachelor in the Arts of Psychology) she was also required to participate in a foreign language - German. <This is a currently incomplete skill considering Isis has left the University in order to move to NYC.>




diogenes_icon.gif What would you do if a strange man with a paralyzing ability broke into your apartment? Isis? Well, she turns the tables and ends up threatening, then befriending the strange guy. The despicable duo have managed to cause quite a bit of trouble for themselves along the way. They are close, their own special Bonnie and Clyde, an interesting balance of crazy and crazier (you decide who is who).
sable_icon.gif Hubba hubba! Isis's vivacious and undeniably adorable neighbor, Sable has certainly made an instant friend in Isis. The pair have hit it off without fail and are looking forward to a future of mischief and trouble.
ash_icon.gif Isis's ex-lover, their relationship was a hard one, dotted with a string of arguments. Isis's trouble past and equally messy habit of finding trouble from one day to the next has divided the pair unexpectedly. She harbors no ill will towards him though, and misses him - though she's unlikely to admit such a weakness of heart aloud.
brian_icon.gif He saved her from ending up in a test tube. That says something. Now, though, she's pegged him as being a big softy. This amuses her as much as it does confuse her, for her own reasons.


The last image in this list is that of Isis's birth-given form, what she looked like before Sal's handiwork was used to alter her face and body.

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