Jameson "J.J." Jones

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Name Jaiden Micah Dawson-Mortlock Aliases Jameson Jones
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Psychometry
Gender Male Race/Eth. Mixed Race
Birthdate Jones: May 1, 1985
Actual: September 12, 2015
Age 25
Height 6'1" Build Toned
Eyes Green Hair Black
Residence Red Hook
Employment FRONTLINE
Parents Derick Jones, deceased
Martha Jones, deceased
Jaiden Mortlock
Monica Dawson
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Mercurial and inquisitive. Quick to learn, quick to smile, quick to anger, but seemingly a good guy.
Jameson "J.J." Jones
portrayed by

Jesse Williams


This is a Staff-run NPC. Please contact Greenwich if needed.

"In a Time"

In a time of secret wooing
Today prepares tomorrow’s ruin
Left knows not what right is doing
My heart is torn asunder.

In a time of furtive sighs
Sweet hellos and sad goodbyes
Half-truths told and entire lies
My conscience echoes thunder

In a time when kingdoms come
Joy is brief as summer’s fun
Happiness, its race has run
Then pain stalks in to plunder.


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