Jacob Henry Brent

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Name Jacob Henry Brent Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Electrokinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 3, 1957 Age 52
Height 6'2" Build 168 lbs
Eyes Dark Hair Dark
Employment Criminal Defense Attorney
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Married (Ada Brent) Children Henry and Sharon Brent
First Seen Here Be Dragons Last Seen For Want Of Chinese Food
Profile Jacob is a familiar face to those who follow local politics in detail. He was a former choice for the Republican mayoral candidate of the city, but his chances were ruined when he resigned his position as District Attorney under the black cloud of a bribery scandal. He has gone on to become a criminal defense attorney, and is often hired for high-profile cases by various unsavory people and organizations.
Jacob Henry Brent
portrayed by

Jeremy Irons



  • August 28, 2008. Here Be Dragons. Detective Demsky pays Mr. Jacob Brent a visit at his office to discuss the impending arrest and trail of Italian mobster Frankie Civella.
  • August 28, 2008. Collision. Fate and Take Out Chinese Food go hand in hand as Colette is spared a painful encounter with Jacob by her mysterious benefactor.
  • September 4, 2008. A Recent Death. Jacob pays Zachery a visit at the local morgue in Harlem to see about a corpse.
  • September 7, 2008. A Likely Story. Jacob and Zachery meet up to discuss options concerning one dead woman, a questioning, and the promise of pretty green bills.


Skills and Equipment

  • [Education] Jacob has been very, very well educated - but his education has largely been very specialized. He has always attended private school. He went to UPenn as an undergrad, and Harvard to get his law degree. His strongest areas of study (beyond law), have leaned towards history and English. He has no artistic ability and finds science mildly entertaining at best. He knows nothing of the higher sciences and mathematics, and has resolved to do little more with his relatively weak math skills than calculate tips. His personal accounting is done by a firm.
  • [Law] Jacob is a former ADA and a former DA, both of New York City. He currently works as a high-profile criminal defense attorney. While he is perfectly capable of producing a good ratio of favorable verdicts on his own, Jacob likes to be certain. Careful wining and dining has lured several judges at least partially into his pockets. Many of his former colleagues consider him to have gone over to the Dark Side.
  • [Recreational Skills] For such a closed-minded man, Jacob has a surprising number of hobbies - most of which were gained during his schooling years. Fencing is his most beloved sport, but he almost equally enjoys horseback riding, something he did a great deal of during his summers in Suffolk. He plays the piano and the cello recreationally with a fairly high degree of skill, but he's not nearly good enough to be a professional.
  • [Cars] At the moment Jacob owns two cars. One is his work-a-day car, usually driven by a chauffer - a pearl gray 2007 Jaguar XJ. His other car is his mid-life-crisis car which no one but he is allowed to drive: a silver 2008 Lexus SC. It is his pride and joy, and he drives it like a maniac.


  • [Heart Disease] Inherited from his father's side of the family, Jacob has a predisposition to heart disease. He was diagnosed at the age of forty two with a hypertensive condition. He takes Monopril, an ACE inhibitor, daily to help manage it and is constantly instructed by his doctor to lose weight, stop drinking and smoking, and exercise more. He finds it all very tiresome.
  • [NPD] Jacob has been diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which he only seems to be able to overcome around his wife - and that's with a great deal of personal effort.
  • [Severe Myopia] Without his glasses, Jacob is pretty much blind. His range of accurate focus without them stops two inches away from his eyes, and deteriorates badly after that. When Jacob gets a new prescription, he always has at least two spare sets of glasses made - one for his vacation house and one for his office - while he keeps the original set for daily wear.


  • [Acting] Jacob qualifies, in some respects, as a Shakespearian actor. His singing voice isn't that bad either.
  • [Alcohol] To put it nicely, Jacob doesn't deal with alcohol very well. To put it accurately, Jacob's ability to withstand the effects of alcohol is roughly equivalent to that of an anemic three-year-old child's. A single full glass of wine will leave him long gone into drunkenness, and when in such a state he tends to be even more overwhelmingly obnoxious than he usually is.
  • [Chinese Food] Jacob is a total addict. He orders Chinese almost daily for lunch, and can often be found around mealtimes in Chinatown. His favorite dishes include steamed pork dumplings and kung pao chicken.
  • [Fencing] Former fencing champion on the Ivy League circuit.
  • [Languages] Speaks fluent Spanish and French.
  • [Politician] Though his political career has been cut rather short, Jacob was at one point a favorite of the Republican party as a potential mayoral candidate. Jacob is a registered Republican, and considers it his sacred duty to vote. On everything. And argue everything.
  • [Reading Material] Often enjoys his collection of Shakespeare's complete works, whether in individual volumes or in his compilations. Jacob is also a fan of Poe, particularly his short stories. He reads the New York Times and the New York Law Journal daily, and has subscriptions to both.
  • [Vacations] From his freshman year of high school to his last year at Harvard, Jacob spent summers at his family's home in Suffolk, England, with his parents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. He still vacations there on occasion, though that hobby has been largely replaced in favor of taking holidays at the villa he owns in Spain, and tends to vacation frequently.


  • The Imperial March - John Williams, Star Wars IV, V, and VI.

Physical Description

This is a tall, relatively lean, mournful-faced man. He stands at 6'2" and probably weighs somewhere in the ballpark of a hundred and seventy pounds or so - some of which are resting rather unattractively at his belly, although he isn't overweight. A pair of slender-rimmed glasses are always perched on his nose, and his dark eyes rest under bushy brows that are in turn beneath a wrinkled brow. His hair is still dark brown in most places, although it's beginning to get shot with streaks of silver and white, and is kept both immaculately groomed and respectably short. Speedy hair growth leaves him with a semi-permanent shadow over the lower half of his thin-lipped face, which he attempts to keep as clean-shaven as possible. The man's choice of garb is very limited and consists almost entirely of tailored suits, ties, loafers, and collared shirts.

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