Jane Pak

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Name Jane Pak (legal alias) Aliases Jae Pak (on the birth cert)
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Korean-American
Birthdate February 21, 1964 Age 47
Height 5'4" Build 155 lbs.
Eyes dark brown Hair black
Residence Manhattan
Employment Department of Evolved Affairs
Parents Bae & Hyun Jae Pak Siblings David Pak, Kim Pak
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Egg Foo Young on Your Face Last Seen
Profile Jane is a name for those involved in Civil Rights, Evolved Affairs, the law, the military (she was an MP and later a lawyer in the JAG corps), particularly Evolved in the military; they would have known she was an ally to tap when they needed help. Now she works for the DoEA, but still has contact with the military as a civilian legal consultant.
She tends to gather contacts in just about every profession she can manage, so it is easy for her to know people! However, criminals beware, she might just be setting you up.
Jane Pak
portrayed by

Margaret Cho

"I urge you all today, especially today in these times of terrorism and chaos to love yourselves without reservation and to love each other without restraint. Unless you're into leather; then by all means, use restraints." - Margaret Cho



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Language: Jane grew up speaking both English and Korean and she is well and truly fluent in both. Latin is something she took when she was in college, because she thought it would be fun to be able to toss around when she did trial work. But she did take four years of it.

Lawyering: Through University of California, Berkeley and Berkeley Law, Jane earned a law degree and went on to pass the California Bar exam. She later passed the New York Bar as well. She's well practiced at research and investigation on top of general knowledge of the law. She's always had a head for gathering knowledge. And she's a good bullshitter. >.>

Military: In the Army, she was taught hand-to-hand combat techniques as well as how to use guns and grenades and set mines and a plethora of weaponry. She's not as active in these as she was in the service, but she likes to keep her skill nimble all the same. It was also during these years that she learned about military law on top of her civilian degree.

Political: Jane joined the political scene to lobby for civil rights. Various kinds of civil rights. She's been a face in the fight for gay marriage, for womens rights, for racial equality and, of course, in the evolved issue. Her focus is on raising awareness as well as propaganda. She does speeches and talks from time to time, mostly with the younger crowds.

Networking: She just knows how to gather contacts. Mostly in the military and in politics, she seems to have numbers to call in a pinch, and to people who owe her favors or are otherwise willing to help her out. It isn't limited to those two, though, and chances are she'll have a friend to call no matter the favor. Or a friend of a friend. Her rolodex is very full. She even knows a guy for custom made chain mail items. Seriously, check out her purse.

Racquetball: Sometimes, a girl's just gotta have a hobby. This was something she picked up to let off some aggression in her college years, because, man, law school is a bitch. It was left to the wayside for most of her military career, with her only able to get in a few games here and there over the years. But after she retired, she picked it up again.

Oh Lord Please Never Do That Again: A woman of many talents… music is not one of them. From playing instruments to singing to being able to dance, Jane just… is so not your gal. She can't even tap her foot to the beat accurately for any length of time. Unfortunately… she really likes music and often attempts these things. <.<

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