Jean Gosselin

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Name Jean Gosselin Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 01/25 Age 29
Height 6' Build Solid
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence New York, NY
Employment Journalist
Parents Madeline Gosselin (mother; deceased)
Sebastien Gosselin (father)
Siblings Charity Thornton (sister)
Nicholas Thornton (brother-in-law)
Marital Status Single Children N/A
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Globe-trotting reporter on world-wide Evolved issues, who has freshly arrived in New York. Also, French-Canadian.
Jean Gosselin
portrayed by

Jake Gyllenhaal



Writing: To be a good writer, you have to be good at all writing. Jean is not. That is why he is a good journalist. He couldn't write a short story or a poem to save his life, he's also not very good at essays, but he has a knack for journalistic writing, from simple news reports, to feature articles, to opinion pieces. His writing may lack some creative flare, but he can adapt well to these styles, communicating effectively what he wishes to be communicated for the medium he's writing for. He is also a reasonable editor, although he has kept to his career choice and path.

Talking: Jean is generally a good people person, having talked to those of all walks of life. He's chatted with celebrities, millionaires and football stars, he's interviewed politicians, lawyers, criminals, he's conversed with addicts, with refugees, with people whom he doesn't even understand. He has a sort of sincere and shallow empathy that allows him to study, quickly, whom he is talking to, and adapt to come across at least a little likeable and approachable. Despite some of the prestige he's gained throughout his career, he tries not to let this affect the way he relates to people, and remains a good conversationalist.

Languages: French is his first language, and he grew up learning English, and is equally adept at both even if he speaks the latter far more often these days. During his time at McGill, he also learned German, and for some strange reason, Ancient Greek, thanks to the fact he took this course as filler. These days, his German is okay, but uh. His Ancient Greek is very rusty.

Resources: Because they bear mentioning. His career has allowed him to accumulate a good amount of money, enough to at least sustain himself and his traveling ways, although he is no where near 'rich' by the standards of those around him. No, where his real 'wealth' lies is not in cash, but in connections. Think Piers Morgan, only less so. Jean was not a ground breaking newspaper editor and TV panelist, no, but he was one of the more predominant faces in global journalism ever since the Evolved discovery occurred. He made as much of a name for himself as a journalist can during this time, and while this does not mean he is a celebrity, it means celebrities know him. If he wants to attract attention to something, a charity event or what have you, he can pick up the phone and generally score a decently popular name to either lend him their time or resources or simply the light of day. Working for the tabloids in England means he has a few connections across the pond over there, too



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