Joseph Sumter

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Name Joseph Sumter Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Projective Precognition: Suppressed
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 13 Age 39
Height 6' Build Medium
Eyes Dark brown Hair Brown
Residence Transient
Employment Unemployed; _ferrymen operative
Parents Daniel Sumter
Caroline Sumter
Siblings Lucia Sumter
Daniel Sumter Jnr.
Marital Status Divorced Children Estranged
First Seen The Gospel of Luke Last Seen N/A
Profile Once a pastor for the Guiding Light Baptist Church before it was destroyed by bigoted terrorists, and an alcoholic before that, Joseph Sumter is now a council member for the _ferrymen, often offering a moral viewpoint on given debates as well as taking responsibility for the spiritual soundness of the flock.
Joseph Sumter
portrayed by
Robert Sean Leonard


And pray to God to have mercy upon us
And pray that I may forget
These matters that with myself I too much discuss
Too much explain
Because I do not hope to turn again
Let these words answer
For what is done, not to be done again
May the judgement not be too heavy upon us

T.S. Eliot
Ash Wednesday


February, 2010
When Where What Who
1st The Divide Bella makes a breakthrough in her research, but it comes with cost. Bella, Dema
3rd Within, Without Unknown to Joseph, his friends try to gather intel on the place he is held, while he puts up some resistance against yet another procedure. Bella, Colette, Dema, Kaylee, Raith, Teo
5th The Pastor's Sanctuary Joseph finds that there are more places he can go, when a nightmare is interrupted. Kaylee, The Nightmare Man
11th Sufficient Grace Bella tries to extract information regarding Joseph's rescuers. Bella
14th Thanks For The Memories, Part II Freedom! Bella, Deckard, Dema, Eileen, Jet, Kaylee, Teo
16th Bad Habit Beginning the long road to physical recovery, Joseph is visited by Deckard, who comes bearing gifts and counsel, or tries to. Deckard
17th Propitiation Conversation in the flesh is very different to conversation in dreaming. Kaylee
17th Ye Shall Receive In an attempt to reclaim some sanity, Joseph asks Abby to come visit, but accidentalies a vision upon her instead. Things, they take time. Abby


Caroline Sumter

His relationship with his mother is what could be described as polite. He'd always gotten the sense that she hadn't been as focused on her own family as she was on her job as a school teacher, and this notion was resignedly solidified in later years. Still, he loves her, and smiles benignly when she oy veys over his choice of career and religion. Caroline being not a native to Tennessee or even of the south, and from a previously Jewish background, that makes for interesting conversation. But she sees he's happier than he was before, and isn't inclined to argue about it on any level.

Lucia Sumter

The local tearaway, Joseph spent a lot of his childhood tolerating and then later resenting his older sister. She never seemed to have a kind word for him, although she did punch a kid in the face for him once, so maybe she cares. Deep down. He came to understand why she was the way she was, but by then it was too late and the family had fallen into disrepair. They are both very ignorant of each others' adult lives - he has the vague notion that she's located somewhere on the east coast on, and she heard through their family that he was a born again Christian and has no idea where he is. Lucia is better described as a wound in his side that he hasn't gotten around to stitching up.

Daniel Sumter, Jnr.

Willfully oblivious to the intricacies of family tension but strongly affected by it, Daniel was the quietest but in some ways most rebellious of the three siblings. He spent most of his childhood holding onto Joseph's hand, and then as a teenager, hiding in his room from everyone, hooked to his computer, his books, and his art. As soon as he was able, he left Tennessee and leaving a dust cloud in his wake. Daniel is a source of some frustration for Joseph, who doesn't understand his little brother's open resentment for his home town and the community he was raised in, and Joseph's own path into Baptist Christianity created a rift that might not have otherwise been created. They still talk on occasion, and Daniel has grown up some, but they both feel as though they're talking to someone from another planet.

All of the above are potentially open for adoption.


Carpentry: From woodwork classes in school through to becoming a roofer for money, Joseph is reasonably skilled at this trade. He has adequate knowledge of a range of equipment and their safety procedures. His job meant that he cornered himself into the niche of roof construction, mainly, and he also learned cladding while he was quite literally up there. However, thanks to classes in highschool and his own interest in the trade, he also knows joinery and finish carpentry, being able to construct and repair furniture.

Education and the Bible: His time at the seminary included an education on pastoral theology, evangelism and Bible study. Joseph gained a working, educated knowledge on the Bible from a Baptist perspective, as well as more practical skills such as counseling, preaching and church administration. Being a reasonably smart man, he is able to retain this information and skillset and apply it.

Music: That is to say, not a lot, but Joseph has some artful inclination towards different musical aspects. He has a good singing voice, both something he was born with and something he honed during his life with the church, and he managed to pick up some basic guitar skills, an inclination he gained when he found it helps in gospel settings. It's a form of praise and he enjoys it, and owns an acoustic guitar. His ex-wife being a ballroom dancer also helped in gaining a little rhythm when it comes to waltzes and other ballroom dances, nothing near any kind of competitive level and Claira would generally try not to go red from giggling at his attempts at keeping up, but he probably fairs better than those who have zero experience.

Hugging: He's good enough at it to warrant a skill entry. In all seriousness, Joseph is a caring individual and generally good at bringing comfort to those who need it and want it. He has a good instinct as to when people need space or need company, thanks to his own experiences of times when he needed (or didn't need) a hug, along with his experience in counseling. Naturally touchy-feely, Joseph doesn't mind sparing a shoulder for people to cry on.

Bar Brawls: A left over little tidbit souvenir of a skill from his days as a despondent twenty-something drunkard. Pit him against someone who actually knows how to fight and Joseph will be so much godfearing hick smeared on the wall. This doesn't mean he can't throw a right hook, know how to smack someone in the head with his own head in a way that might hurt the other guy a little more, or be resourceful enough to pick up the nearest object and wave it vaguely until it hits someone. So this isn't so much a skill as it is a comedy of errors, but it does mean Joseph has experience from a decade ago in how to stay alive in a common brawl.

Trivia and Notes

  • Joseph is a Tier 1 Registered Evolved. His ability is inherently harmless in both its potential and implementation, but the information it may provide has the potential to compromise larger, scarier, more important things such as corporations, government agencies, or certain individuals. Due to this in conjunction of rendering the target blind and deaf for the durations of the visions, Joseph was Registered as a Tier 1 instead of a 0.
  • Due to a scientific? experiment wherein his power was over-exerted, Joseph is unable to access it at all. He is not yet aware of this.


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