Julien Dumont

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Name Julien Dumont Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Cloning
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate February 22, 1966 Age 44
Height 6' Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment Former _company Agent
Parents Nathaniel Dumont (father; deceased)
Amelia Dumont (mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Connie Logan (fiancée; deceased) Children Penelope Dumont (daughter; deceased)
First Seen Time to Begin Last Seen
Profile Julien Dumont is a former Company agent, betrayed by the organization after the dead of his wife Connie Logan resulted in his mental instability coupled with his dangerous ability. Freed from Company captivity during the Level-5 breakout in 2008, Julien has been on the run ever since, making strange alliances along the way and aided by his former partner Sabine Hazel.
Julien Dumont
portrayed by

Alexander Skarsgard


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