Kain Zarek

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Name Kain Zarek Aliases
Status Registered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 11, 1969 Age 40
Height 6'4" Build 210
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Dorchester Towers, Penthouse
Employment Linderman Group, Public Relations Director
Parents Johnathan Zarek (father, deceased)
Irene Zarek (mother, deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen The Devil's Smile Last Seen Not This Time
Profile A charming and charismatic operative of Daniel Linderman, Kain is a swaggering and confident criminal with a strong desire for advancement and wealth, and the lack of morals to get the job done. He's here in New York City at the behest of Linderman, working as one of his top agents in handling personal affairs of the Linderman Group.
Kain Zarek
portrayed by

Josh Holloway


"Boss" Business is defined by this man in Kain's eyes; a dangerous, powerful and influential man, Daniel Linderman has Kain wrapped around his finger from the debt he owes the aging man. That Kain still liaves is entirely Linderman's doing, and with that heavy weight on his shoulders Kain is kept in line. Though if someone else were to off his employer, he wouldn't shed too many tears. Since his upset in Linderman's eyes thanks to Danielle Hamilton, Kain's been far less apt to slip up on the job.
"Barbie" Now that Cameron's dead, "Barbie" here has picked up the slack of Cameron's dealings. She's a little green behind the ears as far as Kain's concerned, but she's got the chutzpah to pick up a truckload of guns in the middle of the night in the worst part of New York City, so she's got that going for her. Anyone as reckless as Kain has got to be good in his book.
"Southern Comfort" Now she's just a short glass of southern comfort, while she's a lady of prim and proper manners, Kain's never been abashed to take advantage of such finer folk. She's a little young for his tastes, admittedly, but there's something to be said for the allure of a woman with a southern accent. Though, she's business-partners with Barbie, so that makes things strictly business — for now.
"Spooky" Kain saw Zoe Porter like a member of an extended family. With her being Daniel Linderman's adopted daughter, she was entirely hands off, unless Kain wanted to be the one without hands. When she was murdered in the Linderman Group building, Kain stood by at her funeral with Daniel. Her death, among many deaths of the last two years, has severely affected Kain negatively.
"Bitch" It's probably a good thing that Mischa Christinel's relationship with Kain is strictly professional. They have a hard enough time getting along without throwing sex into the mix. Due to their close proximity to Linderman, the pair has often found themselves working together to further the goals of the organization to which they both belong. The rest of their time is spent avoiding each other, though that isn't to say that Kain doesn't enjoy a good verbal sparring match with her from time to time, but to quote Kain, "It ain't fun fightin' an unarmed opponent." Ever since she left for Las Vegas, Kain's been feeling a bit like Laurel without Hardy.
"Jitters" An Evolved coroner that Linderman would like to keep a closer eye on. Kain has tertiary business dealings with him, and has discovered so far that like most professionsals, Zachery Miller is loyal to only one thing — Money.
"Zippo" Cameron was a friend of a friend, but one that Kain shared a few drinks with back in the day. Once Cam started getting his feet dirty with his work for PARIAH, Kain was the one he could turn to in order to get explosives and other materials that should stay under the radar. Too bad he got himself killed, now his business falls on some smaller and less adept shoulders.
"Drippy" Liu Ye is batshit insane, and Kain realizes that any tenative business arrangement the two of them has is only keeping them from cutting each other's throats. When business on Staten Island fell through, Kain washed his hands of association with the Ye family, and is wanting to put vast distances between himself and their whole gang.
"Frosty" If Liu Ye is batshit insane, Song Ye is out of her goddamned mind. This psychopathic little chinadoll has perversions that make even Kain's skin crawl. He's glad to have cut business ties with the Ye family, but has a horrible, sinking feeling that their past association is going to come back and bite him in the ass later.
"Ding-A-Ling" Normally Kain finds specific jobs for the attractive bartenders at Rapture, but this particular minx has found her deadly self on a whole different kind of job. Putting her on a spying assignment with the Flying Dragons means that Kain can keep an eye on Drippy and Frosty without actually having to deal with them.
"Princess" Perhaps it's her southern charm, or the way she lifts wallets with the frequency bodybuilders lift weights, but Kain Zarek has a begrudging respect for Lola Mayeux. While he hasn't seen her since forcibly transferring the woman from New Orleans to New York City, there's a part of him in the back of his mind that plans on figuring out if she truly fits in his business category, or elsewhere.


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