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Name Kaitlyn Nicole Dooley Aliases Kaitlyn Nicole Sanderson
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Healing
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate November 3rd Age 37
Height 5'7" Build 145lb
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Textile Factory 17
Employment FRONTLINE: Unit-01 Medic: 01-03
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Widow (Michael Dooley, deceased) Children None
First Seen Wall Climbing Last Seen
Profile Kaitlyn is an ex-K9 cop that has somehow been pulled into the ranks of FRONTLINE as their new Medic. Strings have been pulled, but she almost seems to come out of nowhere. The origins of where she came from are for only the healer to know and the people that helped her out of a desolate and lonely life.
Kaitlyn Nicole Dooley
portrayed by

Sandra Bullock

“Quit being a whimp! You had to heal normal before healers, you can still do it. The body is a wondrous thing and scars give character… Now get out and don't come back till your healed!!”



My life is Strange and Hectic. BUT… Call me maybe?
Reach out to me anytime if you want/need a scene. My life is unpredictable; but, if I know when I am needed, I can try to schedule around it. I am very willing to do a scene on the MUX (with plenty of time) or through GoogleDocs. Do note that until May 2018, week day, in-game RP will be difficult.

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Law Enforcement
Like any officer of the law, she has gone to the academy and learned everything that she needs to know about the job. She has gone to academy for the basics and then the various classes that tend to come after that, such as DUI and Drug training, defensive driving, traffic school and other such courses. This skill also covers her firearms training, which is not her strongest skill.


The most important things in her life are her animals. These are the ones she is closest too. They are no longer in her company, but has been assured that they were given good home. She misses them. :(

Jerry Lee German Shepard - Older then most of the other animals in her care. Jerry Lee is special as he was the first animal to really come into her life and stay with her as she moved into Midtown.
Hooch Boxer Mix - Big, bulky and drooly. That best discribes this one. He can either be mean and vicious or a complete sweetheart.
Benny Terrier Mix - Always bringing her presents in the forms of mice and birds. He's the friendliest and yappiest of the bunch.

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Trivia and Notes

  • Michael Dooley and Jerry Lee are characters from the movie K-9.
  • It's not a known fact that Kaitlyn was a prisoner of the Institute for sometime, thanks to a mix up. They are the ones responsible for her new life.


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