Kameron Jackson

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Name Kameron Jackson Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Multispectrum Sight
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate July 31, 1985 Age 24
Height Build
Eyes Hair
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Ashley and Martin Jackson Siblings
Marital Status Single (Formerly Dating Brian Fulk) Children
First Seen Seeing The Invisible Last Seen If I Could Turn Back Time
Profile Kameron is a friendly young lady, fresh out of Florida (and not the Everglades, so no alligator shoes for you!). She moved to New York a few years ago, and found residence in one of the apartments. She's currently unemployed, but can be found playing her violin most often during the evenings, though she will venture out in mornings- preferably cloudy days. To the unaware and those who keep tabs on that sort of thing, she is an unregistered Evolved with the gift of Enhanced Vision which is really a LOT more trouble than its worth. But it's kinda neat at the same time, and she's worked around it so she has few complaints. She does have a few quirks - sometimes she moves as if she can't really see too well, tripping over things that most would have seen a mile away. She also has a trained seeing-eye/guard dog named Prince. She has a real weak spot for animals.
Kameron Jackson
portrayed by

Miranda Kerr




Kameron actually has been asked to play music before, and is an established busker (though she rarely accepts money lately). This section will have links to the music she has played/will play for reference.

Timeline for 2009

In The Ten Foot Squid, Things are Awkard(tm).

In Cherchez le Deckard, Kameron, who got the apartment from Brian, heads off to her old apartment complex in search of Leah, aka Tinkerbelle, to see if she knows anything about Deckard.

In To the Point, Kameron returns from her visit with Leah in time for Colette to pull her aside for a talk about Brian.

In If I Could Turn Back Time, Kameron has a Talk(tm) with Brian, and with luck, their friendship is salvaged. Also she finds out he has an evil twin. WTF?

People She Knows:

Memorable Quotes:

  • "After I accidentally saw through my piano teacher's clothing, it's just all around easier to keep my eyes -shut- all the time, since I can't really control this thing…" Kameron, about her Evolved gift

Trivia and Notes:

  • Because she has no real control over when her powers are active or not, when she focuses on -which- vision to use, she has to concentrate on *not* blinking. The second she blinks, her focus shifts to a different power, accompanied by the usual vertigo and nausea, and if she does it too often, there is the chance of migraines, or irritation from her eyes that may lead to slight bleeding. As such she tries not to blink when she's 'looking', and tries not to look around quickly when she does.
  • Her eyes change a little when her power is active - her eyes lighten or darken depending on if she's using infrared or x-ray vision, but since she can't look in a mirror to save her life, she can't confirm it.
  • She is incapable of looking in mirrors. Doing that gives her a sort of 'feedback loop' times infinity, so if she has to look in any reflective surface, she tries to limit that to only a brief look. Bright lights also bring her nausea and dizziness back in waves, so she tries to limit how much light she can actually see by wearing sunglasses as dark as possible, or a blindfold.
  • The length of time she can actually use her gift is extremely limited - extending it beyond a few minutes forces her to immediately shut her eyes lest she feel ill and dizzy as usual, or bring on severe migraines. As such, trying to find out more about how she sees is extremely difficult unless you're quick.
  • Due to her condition, she *REALLY* doesn't like to remove her sunglasses. Even to look someone in the eye - which isn't really possible anyway. Not if she wants to avoid a massive episode.
  • Kameron is a semi atheist - more on the fence in the matters of the Powers That Be and all. She isn't sure whether she believes in a Higher Power or not. On the one hand, Enhanced Abilities out of the blue. On the other, it made her blind. Whoever's responsible is a Jerk.
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