Kayla Reid

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Name Kayla Reid Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Empathetic Healing
Gender Female Race/Eth. White
Birthdate February 23, 1983 Age 28
Height 5' 7" Build Slender
Eyes Gray Hair Red-brown
Residence Eltingville Blocks
(formerly Hamilton Heights (104), Siann Hall, Thomas Jefferson)
Employment Receptionist (Dec 2010 — present; business undefined)
(formerly the Company, May 2009 — Aug 2010)
Parents deceased Siblings
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen Jan 27, 2009 Last Seen
Profile Most recently, Kayla is one of the many unemployed (again), this time with more resources to her name but a dishearteningly familiar lack of connections. More like the inverse of connections; former Company affiliation is not a benefit in the current climate. From her previous role as an administrative assistant at Fort Hero, the tacit left hand of Sabra Dalton, Kayla Reid is probably a familiar face and name to everyone who spent any time at all in that facility. Before that, she was a refugee in the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Park — and way back when, in a different life, Kayla once held a job as a registered nurse.
Kayla Reid
portrayed by

Michelle Ryan

"Heaven is not like flying or swimming,
but has something to do with blackness and a strong glare…"
— Elizabeth Bishop, "Seascape"


Memorable Quotes:

Elisabeth: "I hope that was a friend of yours. Or else they just stole you blind."

Kayla: "Welcome to life in Thomas Jefferson. I don't have friends."

Something to Hold On To

Trivia and Notes:

  • Kayla keeps a journal. Though it is not actually an online thing, some entries are viewable here for the OOCly curious.
    • (Note: Kayla's player has stopped updating this, but the old ones are still there.)


Kayla was an employee of the Company for over a year, from May 2009 through August 2010. She first was the secretary and aid of Senior Agent Len Denton, then was later promoted to assist Sabra Dalton. When the Company fell at the end of August, Kayla disappeared for two months, returning to New York City shortly after the disaster that was November 8, 2010.

Volume XII: Divided We Fall
Date Synopsis People Notes
11/14/10 Kayla visits a memorial for those lost on the 8th. Again. Cat, Kayla, Melissa, Peyton
11/18/10 A passing stranger at a diner has nothing in common with Kayla. Harmony, Kayla
11/20/10 A not-so-stranger at a cafe has more in common with Kayla than she suspected. Elisabeth, Kayla
11/21/10 A run-in with a former colleague… can't exactly be said to end well. Elle, Kayla Partial (1/3): fractured right radius, wound through left abdomen, torn ligaments in right knee
11/22/10 And then there's another former colleague. They part on a note of commiseration, at least. Kayla, Veronica
12/19/10 Random people at the market. Ingrid, Kayla, Russo, Yana
12/20/10 A wrong turn results in unexpected company. Griffin, Kayla
12/29/10 …so that was Richard Cardinal. Goodbye. Cardinal, Kayla Nearly-healed arm fracture, nail puncture in heel, some muscle tearing
Volume XV: Five Years Gone
Date Synopsis People Notes
10/26/11 Kayla goes out to get a haircut and discovers someone with whom she has an acquaintance in common. Kayla, Raquelle negated
11/11/11 pending Brian, Delia, Jane, Katie, Kayla, Koshka, Moriarti, Russo negated

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