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Name Kaylee Anne Thatcher Aliases Kaylee Anne Ray
Ethal Sweeney
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Registered: Directional Telepathy
Actual: Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate February 3rd, 1987 Age 24 (Actual: 29)
Height 5' 10" Build 135 lbs
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Pollepel Island/Grand Central Terminal
Employment Ferrymen Operative
Parents Karen Thatcher (Mom)
Edward Ray (Dad|Deceased)
Siblings Richard Cardinal (Adopted)
Warren Ray
Valerie Clover Ray
Marital Status Single, yet wholly committed to Joseph Children Unborn Son
Emily (Not official at this point)
First Seen You Shouldn't Be Here Last Seen
Profile Once a member of Adam Monroe's Gang, an encounter with a Company founder has forced Kaylee away from the man she cares so much about and off the clear path she was traveling. She was picked up from her lowest point by the Ferrymen and she has since joined their ranks and thrown herself to the cause.
Kaylee Anne Thatcher
portrayed by
Blake Lively

"I'm a Telepath.. And I know what you are going to say 'Stay out of my head'. I'll tell you now, I don't do that… It's rude. Unless it's life or death, then you know I'll do it."



My life is Strange and Hectic. BUT… Call me maybe?
Reach out to me anytime if you want/need a scene. My life is unpredictable; but, if I know when I am needed, I can try to schedule around it. I am very willing to do a scene on the MUX (with plenty of time) or through GoogleDocs. Do note that until May 2018, week day, in-game RP will be difficult.


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Scene Logs and More:

Character Logs

Kaylee's Drabbles



Kaylee has never led a good wholesome innocent life, and part of that reason is her ability to fight dirty. She been getting into scuffles since she was in Middle School. She doesn't seem above a knife in the back, tossing dirt in her opponents eye. She's never been trained in any real fighting, but you get into enough brawls you learn to improvise, such as making everyday objects weapons. Her ability to win a fight depends on her opponent and their own fighting style and skill. But even when she's getting her butt handed to her, she will go down kicking and clawing.


Kaylee has met a lot of people in her time in New York. Not everyone will be in this collection of people, some missed but added soon. So click on each tab and meet everyone that has had some sort of impact in her life. If you want to learn more about them, click the images to go to their personal pages.


Favorite Moments

Moments that Kaylee was at her most fun and at times show off her ability the best. Things that often get lost in a the chaos of larger scenes

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Aiding and abetting a known terrorist?" A finger is pressed to her lip, tapping a little, as if she's giving this serious thought. What comes out of her mouth is much less serious. "Or would that be aiding and bedding a known terrorist?" - During a conversation with Joseph. (Things, Stop Doing Them)
  • "I don't deserve someone like you in my life." - Said to Joseph after he declared he was going to go with her through time. (I'm Going With You)
  • "Not you.. You are a good man, Joseph. I don't think I even have a shot at reaching Heaven, but I don't want you to get dragged to Hell with me if I even try to get you to want me as more then just another sheep for your flock." - An admission made to the Nightmare Man disguised(?) as Joseph.(Eden Station)
  • "Is this like a… wax on wax off, Mr Miyagi thing? Or you just like want to watch me bend over?" - Said to Ethan when he told her to pick up the scattered parts of a gun (Mr. Holden's Rules)
  • "Looking like a cop.. and looking like a Fed I thought was different?" Kaylee asks with an amused look, tilting her head a bit. "Cops are always cranky and all that.. and Fed are all. Pressed suits and stick up their butts." There is a shrug and a chuckle. "Just like everything else Hollywood gets wrong huh?" (Chatting In An Empty Pub)

RP Hooks:

  • Works with the Ferrymen.
    • Very few Ferry don't know that she is a telepath, but very few know what she can do with it.
    • Kaylee can show up at just about any safe house on business, she tended to fill a lot of little jobs.
  • Currently Lives on Pollepel Island.
  • Use to go to NYU, now she is in Columbia.
    • She's looking at being a Law Student
  • Loves charity work.
    • You got a charity? Ask in game if she wants to join.
  • Loves motorcycles
    • She knows next to nothing about them, but she loved riding her Harley til she lost it.
  • Has a dog!
    • Kaylee takes Missy to dog training lessons.
    • They do go for walks, though sometimes gotta wonder who is walking who.

Trivia and Notes:

  • Kaylee is physically older then her birth certificate indicates. During Vol. 11, she was lost in 1880's New York for the span of five years.
  • Her Proudest Moment - Getting Doyle to agree to be Santa Claus! He was perfect too! And making the children of Summers Meadows and the Lighthouse happy for even just a short moment of time with her Santa's Letter's drive. <3
  • She use to have a weakness for the bad boys… Looks at Joseph… not sure what happened there.
  • She is currently under the effects of an incurable problem. A Company Founder, Susan Amman, put a curse (of sorts) on Kaylee that makes her body shut down when she trusts or is near Adam.
  • She is starting to get a collection of scars going. :( The more notable are as follows:
  • Kaylee has a soft spot for Charities. She can't help it. She feels bad for the underdogs. Don't be surprised if you see her at a soup kitchen serving the homeless.
  • She used to use her ability to cheat her way through college on her daddy's dime.
  • A Harley is her ride of choice, mostly cause mom just hates it. However, she hasn't been riding since she lost her bike. She has hopes to get another motorcycle.
  • In the dream world, Kaylee is always accompanied by a midnight black snake with a diamond shaped head and glowing blood red eyes. This represents a part of her that she tries to keep buried deep within her, the temptation that comes from using her ability.


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Just kind of compiling a list of songs that work for her, eventually I'll organize it.



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