Kazimir Volken

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Name Kazimir Volken Aliases Richard Santiago
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Life-Force Manipulation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian (Original), Hispanic (Richard Santiago)
Birthdate August 11, 1889 Age 119
Height 6' 2" (Original Body) / 5' 8" (Santiago) Build Slim (Original Body) / Heavy (Santiago)
Eyes Blue (Original/Santiago) Hair Blonde (Original) / Black (Santiago)
Residence Unknown
Employment Unemployed
Parents Vladimir Volken (father; deceased)
Serise Volken (mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Life Is But A Walking Shadow Last Seen This Twilight
Profile Kazimir Volken was host to an Evolved ability that transcended generations, moving from host to host. He is best known for founding the anti-evolved organization known as the Vanguard. He also was a member of the Nazi party research into the Evolved during World War II known as Project Icarus.
Kazimir Volken
portrayed by
Edward James Olmos


The Conduit (Black)

Kaizmir's ability was once referred to in a dream as "The Conduit" though little information is actually available on what the power itself truly was. According to what little Kazimir (and later Peter Petrelli) learned of the ability, it was an Evolved power dating back centuries upon centuries. The ability seems, at time, to have a mind of its own and serves as a collective consciousness of all of its previous wielders, with long-term wielders of the Conduit being particularly strong personalities within the power.

The Black Conduit manifested as an ashen specter when outside of a body, a charcoal black and smoky form that draws all life and light from everything around it. The Conduit's natural form is extremely fragile and requires a living host to sustain itself. Outside of the life-draining capabilities of the Black Conduit, it also was able to redirect life energy to drain life from one person in order to heal another, though Kazimir himself did not learn how to utilize this aspect of his ability.

Furthermore, the Conduit itself — when in the presence of a dying non-evolved individual — would sometimes transfer itself wholly to the dying victim (typically if there is a strong emotional connection between the wielder of the Conduit and the dying individual) and leave its original host. In the case of someone like Kazimir, who had unnaturally sustained his life with this ability, it would result in the host's immediate death. Or in instances of Vladimir Volken, it would result in a natural transfer of the ability, only to die from the leeching powers of the Black Conduit once it passed to the new host he was in contact with.

The Black Conduit was paired with a similar ability possessed by one Francois Allegre, though it too seems to have existed prior to Francois' lifetime. The true origins of the Conduits have never been revealed, and their apparent destruction against one another in the deserts of Mexico in 2010 may have prevented that story from being told.


Former Black Conduit Possessors
Duration of Host Status Identity
2010 Francois Allegre
2009-2010 Peter Petrelli
2009 Gabriel Gray
1914-2009 Kazimir Volken
1898-1914 Vladimir Volken
1880-1898 Eskandar Singh
1812-1880 Marianne d'Beaumont
1754-1812 Madeline Rouen
1703-1754 David Miljenko
1670-1703 Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin

As partially seen in All Saints.


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