Kent Wisdom

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Name Kent WIsdom Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Teleportation
Gender Male Race/Eth.
Birthdate April 23rd Age 25
Height Build
Eyes Hair
Employment Writer
Parents Steven Moran
Rebecca Moran
Marital Status Children
First Seen The Insidious Panini Conspiracy Last Seen Are You...?
Profile A new addition to New York City. With only a pocket full of cash, a backpack full of clothes, utterly no ID on his person whatsoever, and the ability to teleport, it's a little hard to discern where exactly Kent Wisdom came from.
Kent Wisdom
portrayed by

Anthony Rapp



September, 2008

  • 29th - The Insidious Panini Conspiracy. Kent runs into his first New Yorker, whom he now knows as Jenny. He reveals to her… not a lot, actually, but still manages to garner her help, in exchange for lunch.

October, 2008

  • 12th - Personal Taxi Cab. Kent meets a a girl. Things go normally. Then they don't.
  • 15th - Are You...?. Yet another nameless face of New York City is encountered. He barely understands a word she says, but there's sense to it. Hidden somewhere. Intriguing encounter is intriguing.
  • 20th - Everyone Likes Freedom. Kent finally gains the courage to go looking for Gillian, whom he finally learns the name of when she actually gives him the time of day.
  • 20th - Bang, Not A Whimper. A failed night out when Kent gets he and Gillian lost in Greenwich Village, and hell breaks loose. A bunch of people are also there, and Kent puts some first aid to use when he helps an injured woman. Ahh melty gross acid wounds. Teleportation then comes in handy. Also, a chick with a bow and arrow, what's up with that?

November, 2008

  • 22nd - Chasing Rainbows. It's been a hard month. Time to find that helping hand. Kent follows rumours and finds himself some Grace.
  • 26th - Ditcher. So Gillian's still alive, that's nice to know. And she's had a month to stop being mad at him for leaving her behind at a hospital, even better.

December, 2008

  • 7th - Insight and Wisdom. Ditcher becomes the ditchee until Gillian finally shows up. She gets a little drunk as she spills, vaguely, her woes, then Kent steals some beer. To his credit, he doles out a little wisdom beforehand.

Memorable Quotes:

Trivia and Notes:

  • Kent knows first aid. How handy! He also really likes alliteration.
  • He's currently set up camp in East Harlem, of all places, specifically at the Thomas Jefferson Trailer Farm. He's easily lost himself amongst the homeless anonymous, and finds the mixture of desperate hope and despair morbidly evocative.
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