Kincaid Russo

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Name Kincaid Russo Aliases Kincaid August
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Registered: Temperature Adaptation
Actually: Self Neurokinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate December 28 Age 27
Height 6'0" Build Muscular
Eyes Dark Hair Light Brown
Residence Manhattan Apartment
Employment Assistant Producer, Studio K
Parents Brad Russo (dad)
Melissa Pierce-Russo (mom)
Marital Status ??? Children ???
First Seen Last Seen
Profile Helping out at the set of the Advocate and at Studio K Syndicated Radio, Kincaid is the newest member of the production staff and works closely with everyone involved.
Kincaid Russo
portrayed by

Patrick Flueger


Kincaid August is a staff-controlled NPC. Please contact Queens for details.

Log Timeline
11/15/2010 Goodbye Neutrality During a production of the Advocate, a new assistance Producer joins behind the scenes.
11/24/2010 Divas Russo gets picked up for work, and is generally thought of as such! But cooks Kincaid breakfast too. He makes his first mention of a show he wants to do centered around Humanis First.
11/28/2010 Securing A Pitch Melissa gets a visitor at the Suresh Center about a certain possible future show that Kincaid wants to pitch to the boss.
12/01/2010 The Pitch The pitch is made to Kristen.
Can't Buy Me Love Kincaid sells himself to his boss and ends up buying Melissa at a date auction.
12/02/2010 No(ra) Interruptions Nora calls up Kincaid on the radio.
12/03/2010 Nu-c-u-lar U-mans Russo and Kincaid bond over people who can't say anything right and women.
12/05/2010 Adaptation and Manipulation Melissa gets her promised date, and learns about Kincaid's ability.
12/15/2010 A Friend in Need Kincaid seems to be having a crisis of emotions, and runs into a woman of many names
12/16/2010 Something to Numb the Pain The morning after isn't very pleasant.
12/18/2010 Manly Coffee Drinkers Ryans is looking for Russo and finds Kincaid instead, who passes on a message.
12/23/2010 Cup of Joe? I DUNNO Russo plans for the Christmas Eve show of the Advocate, and there's some talk about family.
12/24/2010 Let Them Know It's Christmas Time The Christmas show of the Advocate doesn't end as expected.
More Important Than Others Kincaid has to ask Russo about his unusual show.
12/28/2010 So Much Pleasure That It Feels Like Pain Kincaid celebrates his twenty-seventh birthday with Gina.
12/31/2010 Odd Ball Kincaid seeks out Astor for assistance on a new revamped show.
Next Week May Never Come Melissa gets a visitor at Tartarus who had sent her a Christmas present. They talk about important things, like why he ice skates, his family, and what she could give him for a late Christmas present.
01/03/2011 I Am Gina goes to Kincaid's place to talk about something that happened to her, and tell him some important things about herself.
01/06/2011 Executive Decisions Kincaid finally returns to work at K Studios.
01/09/2011 Of Wolves Kincaid dreams some pain away with the assistance of Jasmine.
01/10/2011 Somebody Else's Baby Sometimes K Studios has surprising guests, and Quinn's brought one.
01/13/2011 Addictive Personalities While visiting Russo to secure a back up plan in case anything goes wrong, Kincaid meets Delia, and understands a little of what she's going through better than she does herself.
01/14/2011 Perfectly Messed Up A date with Gina brings back a past that Kincaid's been avoiding. As much as he can.
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