Kira St.Croix

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Name Kira St.Croix Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Superhuman Agility
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate May 1, 1955 Age 21
Height 5' 6" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Vagrant
Employment Unemployed
Parents Robert St.Croix (father; deceased)
Shannon St.Croix (mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen The Shadow of Giants Last Seen Net and Pin, Part II
Profile Kira St.Croix was the daughter of a traveling salesman, sold to a carnival and absconded by gypsies. That's the story as she tells it, the truth's a bit more unfortunate and less pleasing on the ears, but a whole lot more true.
Kira St.Croix
portrayed by
Christina Lindberg


Historical Snapshots


Las Vegas Review-Journal
April 6, 1972

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Highway Patrol Officer Stephen Lau was found dead just this morning on the side of Route 95 just outside of the Vegas strip. Officer Lau's body was discovered with the body of an unidentified man presumed to be in his early twenties. The burning remains of a vehicle found on the roadside had drawn the attention of passers by.

First responder on the scene Highway Patrolman Kent Balmer is quoted as saying — "I've never seen something like this in my career. What was done to Officer Lau is an unforgivable crime and this department will not rest until his murderer is found."

According to investigators, Officer Lau had radioed in just minutes prior that he was performing a routine stop to aid a stranded motorist on the roadside. Lau did not contact dispatch again following that message and it is presumed that his good Samaritan act may be what led to his unthinkable death.

The vehicle found burning at the scene was later traced to an automobile theft in Moab, Utah reported last Tuesday. Authorities are still attempting to identify the body of the young man found at the scene, however detectives have suggested that the young man had been killed by Officer Lau's firearm, the same weapon that appears to have slain the officer as well.

Within the burned vehicle, officers discovered several firearms that were being transported illegally across state lines.

Las Vegas Police Chief Carlos Mendez made a statement to the press earlier today regarding the murder of Officer Lau. "The tragic loss of one of Nevada's brave highway patrol will be felt all across our city. We are urging anyone with leads to the identity of the murderer or murderers to come forward with any information they may have."

Mendez further went on to say, "The Las Vegas police department will be assisting with the Nevada state police and the FBI on this investigation, but no further comments on the nature of the investigation can be made at this time. Rest assured that we will not stop until the persons responsible are in custody."

Officer Lau's vehicle, which was not found at the scene, was discovered following the press conference abandoned in the desert just off of Interstate 15 south of Las Vegas. No evidence linking the remaining suspect or suspects was found in the vehicle, though the vehicle had been robbed of its flares and additional shotgun that had been contained in the trunk.

If you have any information that may be related to the shooting death of Officer Stephen Lau you are urged to contact the Nevada state police department at (702) 687-4790. A reward of $8,000 is currently being offered for information leading to the arrest of individuals connected to the shooting.



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