Laina Corners

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Name Laina Corners Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Color Manipulation
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate April 12, 1981 Age 29
Height 5'8" Build Medium build
Eyes Violet (naturally blue) Hair Naturally blonde (changes regularly)
Residence Siann Hall, Magnes' roommate
Employment Waitress at Oh So Sweet
Parents MaryAnne and Walter Corners Siblings Brother (unmanifested)
Marital Status Single (was engaged, but the engagement was broken in 2007) Children None
First Seen Comedy (Stage) Gold Last Seen
Profile Laina is a cheerful and outgoing girl. She loves her ability to change the colors of objects, and she has a generally pro-Evolved view of the world. She has no compunctions about using her powers to help herself, and she can be a bit of a practical joker, but she wouldn't knowingly hurt anyone. She has violet eyes and usually dresses in bright colors.
Laina Corners
portrayed by

Yvonne Strahovski



Artist Laina is good with shapes and colors, but she's terrible at representational art. Despite her ability, and being an Art History major in college, she can barely manage more than stick figures. Be warned if you ever get on her team for Pictionary.


magnes_icon.gif Laina met Magnes as a direct result of her using her abilities to turn the Gotham Comedy Club stage to gold. She is now renting a room in his house, and he is offering very helpful advice in her job search. She knows that he has the power to control gravity, and he was the first person to ever take her flying.



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