Leland Daubrey

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Name Leland Anton Daubrey Aliases Lee
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate November 11, 1973 Age 36
Height 6' Build Muscular
Eyes Blue Hair Light Brown
Residence Le Rivage Apartments
Employment NYPD Headquarters
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen Best In Show Last Seen
Profile Leland Daubrey is a detective with the NYPD.
Leland Daubrey
portrayed by

Russell Crowe

"You better not ever fucking tell me that shit's too dangerous for me just cause I can't shoot goddamn laser beams out my nostrils or some shit. You think something's too dangerous? You tell me what needs to happen for me to go in. You say we need backup or better guns. But if you ever fucking tell me not to go somewhere just cause I'm not Evolved I will show you what a fucking primitive human being can do to your face. Got me?" - to Felix



Leland is a very good shot. He is proficient in small arms and has limited training with rifles.

He's a brawler. He's strong, tough and can take one hell of a punch for a normal human being. His physical toughness is not unlike an amateur boxer. He's definitely more brick than martial artist, though he's not all that slow either.

He's a detective. He's good at detecting. He can follow leads, piece together crime scenes, profile suspects, all that good stuff.

Although Leland rejected the idea of becoming a chef, he still spent most of his childhood in a kitchen. He's a pretty damn good cook.

He's got training in higher level, high speed chase type driving skills.

Leland enjoys singing and playing the guitar, though he's too self-conscious to do it in public very often.


Felix - Leland's former partner, current roommate and best friend. They've been through a lot together and the Fed has the dubious honour of being an Evolved that the grumpy cop trusts. Felix's death and resurrection hit him especially hard and has left him more apt to snap at his friend for doing things that might get him killed again. It says something that Leland hasn't kicked him out yet, and still continues to cook for Felix after everything. He's finding himself dragged in further into Felix's world instead of him dragging the Russian back into the world of normal policing. Damn you, Felix.
Elisabeth - Lee likes Liz and trusts her for the most part. She cares about Felix almost as much as he does, and that puts her in his good books. The problem is, she's still Evolved, which means there will be tension between them for awhile yet. He likes her best when she's not doing her sound tricks.
Bolivar - Lee and Bolivar are two of a kind in a lot of ways. They share a similar disdain for the Evolved and have matching winning personalities. For the moment, this means that they get along rather well. But it's equally possible they will see what they dislike in themselves in each other. And that would be one hell of a fistfight.



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