Len Denton

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Name Len Denton Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Male Race/Eth. African American
Birthdate July 4, 1970 Age 39
Height 6'11" Build 265 pounds
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence With Tamsine
Employment Retired
Parents Len (Father), Sarah (Mother) Siblings
Marital Status Married to Tamsine Children One on the way.
First Seen Welcome to New York Last Seen Still Kicking.
Profile Len is a former Company agent, who works on a more freelance basis now. Always available for agents who might need a little guidance in their daily tasks or unorthodox cases. He has recently gotten married to Tamsine and they are expecting their first child.
Len Denton
portrayed by
Troy Coleman


Len len2_icon.gif
28 Our Night With The Kentucky Headhunters Len gets tickets and takes Xiulan.
28 Hana's Our Man Veronica updates Len on her investigation.
24 Working Towards Honesty Len and Tamsine have a date where they talk about as much stuff as they don't talk about.
21 When You Need A Helping Hand Len meets with Candy and offers her change.
21 Death by Apathy Jet and Len meet for lunch. It does not go well.
20 To Save Liberty Cardinal calls up Len asking for help as the Statue of Liberty becomes a target.
20 Debriefed Len meets with Bella following her kidnapping.
20 The Doctor Is In As Claudine returns to the company, Len talks with her about hanging it up.
17 A Formidible Duet Tamsine and Len meet for a little karaoke.
16 Deal Jet and Len come to an agreement.
15 Pushy Boys Odessa and Len flashback.
14 Eating Crow For Dinner Jet cooks Len up a meal. The conversation is awkward to say the least.
12 The Homeland Security Waltz Len calls up Elisabeth to ask about Teo.
12 Can You Erase The Past Few Days Too? Len has Jet's tattoo removed with the help of Xiulan.
12 I Will Tremble A Prayer Elisabeth meets with Len in the same place they first met. This time they discuss the death of Minea.
10 Brownies for Comfort Tamsine invites a weary and hurting Len over for some comfort.
9 The Watery Grave Carrie and Len track down the missing body of Minea.
7 Puck'd Up Jet continues to occupy Len's safehouse.
7 "That Was Dumb." Len visits Tracy after her run in with Danko.
6 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem Len finally regains control of his body. Though it's not exactly how he left it. He calls Elisabeth for help.
6 Goatee's Gone Jet plays around with Minea as she continues to possess Len's body.
2 To Possess A Cowboy Jet finds herself a new toy to play with.
2 Call 9-1-1 A mysterious call gets Len's attention.
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