Jolene Petrelli

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Name Jolene Petrelli Aliases Jolene Marlowe, Jolene Marley, Jolene Chevalier
Status Registered Non-Evolved (falsified) Ability Precognition
Machine Empathy
Show Off (aka Synchronized Ability Mimicry)
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate Alias: October 10, 1990
Actual: October 10, 2020
Age 20
Height 5' 8" Build Slim
Eyes Green Hair Red (naturally brown)
Residence Unknown
Employment Redbird Security
Parents Gwen Chevalier
Peter Petrelli
Siblings Nate (deceased)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Incognito Ergo Sum Last Seen Quietus V
Profile Jolene Marlowe is a young college student attending Columbia University in New York City.
Jolene Petrelli
portrayed by
Susan Coffey



Jolene is a second-year student at Columbia University enrolled in their department of Mechanical Engineering. She is studying with the intentions of taking up a job at Lockheed-Martin post graduation and is an avid mechanic and industrial electronics and mechanics designer. She has a strong working understanding of industrial design and fabrication as well as more hands-on mechanical know-how.


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