Lexington Lane

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Name Anna Kavanagh Aliases Lexington Lane
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Precognition
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; Irish
Birthdate February 15 Age 29
Height 5'7" Build 125 lbs
Eyes Green Hair Red
Residence Above her shop
Employment Miss Aphrodisia's
Parents Breanna Gallagher (alive) and Orion Kavanagh (deceased) Siblings None/publicly Seamus Lane
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Test Drive Last Seen TBA
Profile On the legitimate surface, Lexington Lane owns and runs a high class and expensive vintage boutique on the Upper West Side (Miss Aphrodisia's). On the no-so-legit side, Lexi is a criminal; a talented fence working out of her shop basement. She is well connected to a plethora of criminals of varying status (Are you one? Maybe she knows you!) and rumor has it… she owes Linderman a favor.
Lexington Lane
portrayed by

Rose McGowan

Ah, there ain't no gentlemen to open up the doors, there ain't no ladies now, there's only pigs and whores! And even kids'll knock ya down so's they can pass. Nobody's got no class! ~ Chicago


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Infoish Things

Fencing: Not of the swordplay variety, but rather, the criminal one. She is skilled in the art of reselling stolen goods discreetly and making a profit for herself. Related to this, she can also launder money and she has a background in arms dealing. She uses her shop as a meeting point, with directions for illegitimate "customers" to use the back entrance and wait in the basement. Up top, her shop is one hundred percent legal.

Unsavory Contacts: In that light, she is well connected in the criminal underbelly. She knows who you can call if you need to get something stolen, a gun of questionable legality, a girl for the night, rare jewelry, a hitman or two, and so on.

Language: She is fluent in both the native tongue of Ireland and English, as it was good business practice to learn a second language.

Bar Brawls: She's not a master fighter, but she knows when a good time is to swing a chair or a carefully chosen bottle. She probably can't go toe to toe with most others, especially menfolk, but she is the 'knee them in the balls and run' type. Definitely a fan of dirty fighting. She can use a gun, but she really prefers not to.

Insult Duels: Now, insulting someone to their face, that she can do! In jest or out of a real desire to humiliate, she has been known to fire off a zinger or two. (Which has often led to use of the above skill.)

Fasttalking: Rather than brilliant manipulations or clever con-artistry, Lexi just /talks/ her way through things. Be it getting past a guard or getting away from thugs, her way is to overload them with reasoning, explanation, pleas, bargains, excuses, taunts, bullshitting and sometimes random trivia or information with the intent to confuse rather than truly manipulate.

Driving: She can drive at high speeds and in hot pursuit. The perfect 'getaway' driver. This goes for cars and motorcycles.

Salesmanship: In both her criminal and legit careers, she's a saleswoman. And she knows how to make something sound good enough to eat. Or, at least, buy.

Appraisal: Lexi knows how to estimate the value of items (although not land or buildings) from various historical eras. She specializes in art, although isn't limited to it.

Drinking: She can hold her liquor. Drinking contests are a common and fun way to spend a night and get a little extra money. Provided she as someone to drag her home after she passes out.

Field Medicine: Through years of running and much trial and error, Lexington has learned a certain amount of field medicine. She can keep you alive. At least long enough to get you to a hospital. Much like the medics in the military.

Green Thumb: She has one! Something else she learned by trial and error, but mostly figured out. Lexi found she actually really has a love for gardening, oddly enough!

Relationshipish Things

Under their cover IDs, Seamus is her brother. And in reality… he's probably closer than a brother. For two people who've grown up together, grieved together, almost died a few times together, went on the run from more than one criminal organization and survived in the wilds from time to time… it's deeper than blood, it's deeper than friendship, hell, it's deeper than love. This man is her best friend and the one thing she values above anything else, including herself.
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