Ling Chao

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Name Ling Chao Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Smoke Form
Gender Female Race/Eth. Asian; Chinese
Birthdate 03/23/1977 Age 33
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment "Unemployed", but on retainer from the Linderman Group.
Parents Han Chao (dec.)
Xing Chao (dec.)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Fire+Water Last Seen Smoke+Water
Profile Once a strong and confident businesswoman, Ling Chao is a Chinese immigrant now in hiding following her murder of Chinese Triad Liu Ye. Distant and manipulative, she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants with ultimately little regard for morals or legality, within reason. On retainer from the Linderman Group, and now financially able to up and leave New York on a whim; even she isn't sure what keeps her in New York.
Ling Chao
portrayed by

Maggie Cheung



July 09
When Tonight's Opportunity Participants Summery
3rd Fire+Water Kain and Ling Kain Zarek approaches an employee of Rapture who's more than she appears, about becoming something far different than she really is.
6th Reason To Worry Ling Tasked with infiltrating the Flying Dragons, Ling has a few of them…
8th Suitable Arrangement Bao-Wei and Ling Ling comes in for an interview that either goes smoothly- or perhaps a little bit too smoothly.
13th You're Gonna Go Far, Kid Kain and Ling Ling returns to Rapture one more time with the intention of finally quitting, and so she can pass her status on to Kain, and in the process learns even more about the job she has agreed to do.
25th An Evening Away Winters and Ling Two strangers have a chance meeting in the Golden Luck Dragon Restaurant. Interesting conversation ensues, and a decision is made.
31st As Clear As Smoke Ling, Liu, and Song Ling Chao is brought before Liu Ye to be tested.



The man Ling once worked the most under at Rapture, and the one who first approached about doing business with Linderman. An annoying sort of man, the kind she can't stand in most situations. She isn't sure what to make of him as a businessman, but his demeanor and almost casual reference to Linderman has led her to trust him… for now. At least until she work her way above him.
Though Ling has never met Daniel Linderman, she's heard much about the man, from the news, from chatter in Rapture, from the word on the street. If Kain is to be believed, she now works under him, for better or for worse.
Ling's most recent liaison with Linderman, so far she's found working with Logan surpisingly smooth, despite his… flamboyant disposition. Perhaps they will be working together again in the near future. Ling wouldn't mind.

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