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Name John Logan Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Biochemical Manipulation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate October 29 Age 29
Height 5'10" Build Slender
Eyes Pale green Hair Blonde (mostly)
Residence Dorchester Towers, Upper West Side
Employment Owner/pimp for Saint Clare's; Eltingville Blocks civilian watch; general crook businessman
Parents Sarah "Selene" Logan Siblings N/A
Marital Status Unmarried Children Rhys Bluthner
First Seen Hospitality Last Seen N/A
Profile Previously a member of the Staten Island crime syndicate, former manager of a strip club in Brooklyn, and once under the employ of the Linderman Group, John Logan finds himself back to his roots in the government take over of Staten Island, helping keep the peace.
John Logan
portrayed by
Jude Law


Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining
castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was
spoiled, selfish…

…and unkind.

Beauty and the Beast


Lying! Logan has turned this into an art. Unless he is caught entirely off guard, he usually knows what to say with just enough conviction to make people think his word is golden. This at least works for a while - those who are especially perceptive or have been dealing with him for a while will be able to cut through facades both elaborate or not (and then maybe wind up with a shotgun pointed at their heads, idk), but all the same, he has a talent.

Vespa Driving! Hey, it takes skill. Logan can drive a Vespa. Look Ma, no hands!

Soccer! Or football, as he calls it. The fact that his right leg has been broken in four places in the past and it was a question as to whether he'd even walk again, there is no way Logan will be competing with the best of them. However, should he be miraculously healed ever, he'd be pretty good, if rusty. He also has extensive knowledge about the sport and its local teams in Britain as well as the international ones.

Shotgun! Logan has an incredibly limited knowledge of using firearms. Unless the person is standing at a pointblank range, Logan will typically shoot everything else before he hits his target. However, he enjoys guns and so he knows how to put them together, types of ammunition, and general maintenance. This is limited to handguns, and a sawed-off break-open shotgun. Just the one. He's more of a hobbyist than an actually good marksman.

Business! Logan owns and manages a brothel manages a strip club. Despite his former brothel being an illegal little organisation, it still ran like any other business, and this knowledge carries over into his new endeavor, Burlesque. There is money to move around, employees to handle, deals to make, things to buy and profits to gain. Logan has become adept at this over the years, starting from when he started handling the accounts of another strip joint when he was 21.

Crime! He's not about to break into anyone's houses, but Logan has both feet firmly planted in the Staten Island crime ring. He cut is teeth on the streets of the rough areas of Mexican cities, as a skinny white boy with an accent, it was quite an education. His talent is making connections with the right people in order to carry out what he wants to do (such as his whorehouse) and make deals with corrupt cops other people have already dug out (the Rookery is a joint effort, after all). Oh, and he's unafraid of a little murder in the morning.

Claws Out! Logan is not a brawler, or a ninja, or particularly strong or overly capable when it comes to physical scuffles. However, he doesn't do badly, from sheer experience of running with criminals and recklessness mixed with a healthy dose of self-preservation. As a teenager, he was known to throw punches and get into fights that he lost as much as he won, and this translates into adulthood. He fights meanly and quickly, is better if he has a knife in his hand, and if he's not on the back foot. Generally, his performance decreases if he's losing, and adrenaline-fueled enjoyment kicks in if he's winning.


February, 2010
When Where What Who
4th On Respectability On a boat ride back to New York City, Logan updates Caliban on the Nichols situation, and gives him fair warning about how a deal of theirs might go Horribly Wrong. Then Caliban prods him to get married fdskjfhdsk. Caliban
6th The Twelfth A group of dreamwalkers try to rescue a woman from her own nightmares. Aaron, Abby, Bao-Wei, Tamsine, The Nightmare Man
6th Natural Disasters Not long after, Logan strikes a deal with a TERRORIST. Cat
6th Anger Management Magnes comes looking for a fight, and Logan makes a suggestion. Magnes
7th Awfully Cutthroat and a Little Fey Eileen wants a job. Eileen
7th You Make Me Complete So does Deckard. Deckard
9th About a Thing Logan manages to be on the war path when Nicole goes looking for her goddamn sister! Manny is also there, and Logan follows the path of least resistance (and a lack of broken fingers) and tells them what is up. Manny, Nicole
9th Better to Make Sure Colette's friends come looking for the help Colette had secured. Eileen, Kaylee
12th Behind You A nightmarish rescue mission turns out to be not what it seemed to be, and after a brief tribute to the past, Logan wakes up to an even more brutal present day reality. Daphne, Risa, The Nightmare Man
13th Advantage When all you can do is dream, you make deals that may or may not keep in the waking world. Logan seeks out help. Eileen
14th Fucking Is Like Family A day and a half into recovery, Logan wakes up to what will have to count as family. Wendy
15th Later Daniel Linderman takes a break out of his busy schedule to walk past cancer patients in order to heal John Logan who asks him to wait. Caliban, Linderman
16th Mutual Favour Nicole staggers into St. Luke's in the wee hours after the death of her bosslady, and Logan helps speculate who dunnit. Nicole
19th In Somnis Veritas, Part III A final showdown against the Nightmare Man begins. Logan would do his female self. Angelina, Bao-Wei, Mortimer, The Nightmare Man
19th In Somnis Veritas, Part IV The Nightmare Man isn't so much defeated as he— or she— is discovered. Angelina, Bao-Wei, Cat, Corbin, Daphne, Helena, Hokuto, Kaylee, Meredith, Mortimer, Molly, The Nightmare Man



The people Logan knows, in three words or less…
Delia Sweet and stupid.
Nicole Too much work.
Russo Good sport.
Toru Yesterday's cautionary tale.
Deckard Love hate machine. Dangerous and useful.
Teo/Ghost Confusing, efficient, homo.
Abby Bitch, bitch, bitch.
Eileen Sharp ends.
Cardinal Death required.
Brian Cocky little shit.
Nick London followed quietly.
Vincent Dick. Also missing.
Tania Little cog.
Sasha Big wheel.
Heller Fuck my life.
Rhys I don't know.


Born Slippy .NUXX, by Underworld

OOC Notes & Trivia

  • As of October 13, 2009, John Logan was Registered under the Linderman Act during an arrest for kidnapping. Though he pleaded ignorance, he was still charged with failing to Register as an Evolved and fined $500. Legally, he is listed with the ability of Power Negation, and was classed under Tier 0.
  • Incidentally, he was never charged with kidnapping.
  • His middle name is allegedly "Henry". He's either forgotten by now or pretends to.

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