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Name Lola Mayeux Aliases Marie Sophia Clemens, Princess, Lola Bunny, Southern Belle, Mary-Lou Winston, Daisy Jackson; Sara
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Superhuman Accuracy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Rajun' Cajun
Birthdate December 13 Age 26
Height 5'6" Build 120lbs
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Black
Residence Staten Island Brooklyn Dorchester Towers Hidden Apartment in Red Hook
Employment Linderman Group Kain Elisabeth and Cardinal's bitch/Muscle for Hire/Killer for Hire/General Underground Ner-Do-Weller
Parents Father, Thief
Mother, Priestess (d)
Siblings Brother, Priest (twin)
Marital Status Oh my god nobody knows! Children None
First Seen House of the Rising Sun Part II Last Seen
Profile Lola has worn many hats in her short life. Daughter. Sister. Priestess-in-training. Waitress. Thief. Murderer. Convict. Casino worker. Linderman girl. Druggie. Spy. Assassin. Bodyguard. Probably a few others in there that don't come readily to mind. It's anyone's guess where she'll go from here.
Lola Mayeux
portrayed by

Jordana Brewster



People Lola knows that aren't quite work- or survival-related

Elle - Mortimer's current/soon-to-be-ex girlfriend, they met under strained circumstances. However, since meeting again, they seem to have found a natural attraction to each other - strictly platonic of course. In Elle she sees the possibility of a kindred spirit, and of all the people she knows, this is the first one to ever have mentioned the word 'friend'.
Diogenes - Another bad serial killer man. Diogenes has killed a bunch of hobos on Staten. Lola found out about it, and found out about him. Now they have this strange on-again-off-again intensity, running into each other now and again and doing a strange dance to figure each other out.
Ash - Ash worked for Adam way back in the day, when Lola first came to New York in 2009. They only met briefly, and didn't really get along. Just before the 8th of November, however, they met up again by chance and struck up what might be considered a…well, there's no real word for it. Attachment, perhaps. They agreed to get together if they both survived the 8th. Lola is awaiting his call, but as time passes with no word from Ash, Lola is fearing the worst. And the most annoying part is how much it actually hurts


  • "Begone, evil spirits, yah! Begone! Dis is a place a goodness! Ah don' know nothin' 'bout missin' TVs! Begone!" -from House of the Rising Sun, Part II
  • "Sure did. I guess he did, anyway. He told me to tell you Mr. Jack sent me. It was funny, there I was just breakin' into a bar and…." she trails off, remembering he's a cop. "Well, taht ain' important. Anyways he said ya had some serial killer what had kidnapped…I dunno, somethin' about kidnap, yadda yadda yadda, needed a fellah dead. Sounded interestin." -from Nobody's As Good As Me, Sugar
  • "Whattaya mean ya ain' clear what it is ya people do? What's it look like I done? I kilt it." She lifts the chicken by the leg, holding it up so it's neck dangles freely down, a bit of blood still dripping there. "See? It's dead, ain' it? Now Imma eat it. Do ya like chicken?" -from Just One Hit
  • "Hey babe, you naked?" "Depends on what grade a tequilla ya brought me." -from Changing the Drapes


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