Lucille Ryans

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Name Lucille Amelia Ryans Aliases Natalie Cruz
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Biological Manipulation
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate January 2, 1989 Age 22
Height 5'9" Build Athletic/Lean
Eyes Blue-Gray-Green Hair Dark reddish brown (naturally)
Inky black (currently dyed)
Residence Red Hook, Jaiden's Garage
Employment Fugitive
Parents Benjamin Ryans (Father)
Mary Ryans (Mother) (Deceased)
Siblings Bradley Russo (Brother)
Delia Ryans (Sister)
Ingrid Ryans (sister)
Anniehowie (brother-sestra also not born yet)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen I Want To See You Happy Last Seen
Profile As the future grows ever more bleak the oldest Ryans (oldest daughter anyway) continues her journey of self discovery. On the run from the government and more determined than ever to stand on her own two feet, this young lioness might have just sharpened her teeth.
Lucille Ryans
portrayed by

Olivia Wilde



Here goes the soundtrack of Lucille's life..

Log Icons

Lucille has gone through many changes since her introduction.

Lotus Lamb Criminal Dreamer Youth Lost Future
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RP Hooks

  • Europe: Lucille was in and around Europe for a few years until late 2009 when she returned home to New York City, you might have seen her at a show and ran across her somewhere in Europe?
  • Fashion/Entertainment World: Are you in the fashion industry? Do you work in entertainment of some kind? You might have seen Lucille at a shoot, industry party.
  • Company: Lu's daddy is a former agent and Assistant Director of the _company, so.. you might have seen Lucille at a dinner party that one of daddy's 'friends' had or something.
  • Ryans Clan: Lucille is family is huge clan of people maybe you know her brother, cousin, sisters, (slut dad?)?
  • Underworld During her intention time on the run she fell into the crime world while working for the Seamus siblings. Most likely known as the Little Miss Badass totting around an uzi.

Character Logs


These are a list of Lucille's skills, constantly updated and being built upon. She's good at a few things.


These are the members of her family. Lucille loves them all deeply and would do anything to protect them. Though her relationship with her family is too many kinds of complicated at times.

Benjamin Allen Ryans - Stern but loving. Hard ass but kind to his daughters. Over the years Lucille and her father have bumped heads over many different things about Lucille's life. Though her hard exterior and projection of being okay doesn't phase her father. He sees right through her act, and that makes her love him so much more. At other times it makes it wish that he could be fooled like all the rest. As of lately, Lucille and her father's relationship has gotten a little better. The news that her father was a agent of the Company all of her life rocked her to her core, but she's since forgiven him for the secrecy over all the years. Lucille wants a better relationship for herself and her father, but it would seem that they both hinder that at times.
Delia Marie Ryans - Lu's younger sister. The calm one, Lucille and Delia have had a rivalry since the day Delia was born. While things had started out to be just simple sibling rivalry when they were younger, as they have grown older. Lucille feels this overwhelming tension and actual distaste between the two. She feels as if Delia blames her for a lot of things, things she couldn't have controlled. To say that the two aren't exactly close at the moment.. is an understatement. Lucille doesn't even know who her sister is right now. As of now, Lucille is still wandering in the dark about their relationship but she feels that at least they might be on the right track.
Big Bro
Bradley Benjamin Russo - When Russo told Lucille that he was her older brother.. she didn't really know what to say.. or how to act. She's in that awkward stage of coming to terms with her father having another child. Though Russo seems to have more daddy issues then she could have ever had. It's sad, really. He was forced to grow up without his dad, Lucille can't imagine what that would feel like. She is though, determined to make a connection and relationship with this man. She just found out that he's engaged. Holy hell, this family is growing into a tribe.

Trivia and Notes

  • Lucille has in her possession two pistols and a uzi. The uzi's name is Lysandra. These are her children as of right now.
  • Lucille loves clothes.. obviously she's a former model.
  • Lu wears a silver locket around her neck almost everyday. Inside is a picture of her family when she and Delia were younger. It's very dear to her.
  • She reads.. a lot. She has a wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics.



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