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Name Lucrezia Bennati Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 3) Ability Insect Telepathy
Gender Female Race/Eth. Italian
Birthdate 11/16/1964 Age 44
Height 5'7" Build Unknown
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Former Actress/Model
Parents Unknown Siblings Amadora Laudani
Marital Status Widowed (Cyrano Fontaine) Children None
First Seen The God of Small Things Last Seen N/A
Profile She's an actress. She's famous. She was married to another famous guy. He's dead now.
Lucrezia Bennati
portrayed by

Monica Belluci



  • BELLA FIGURA: More than just a pretty face, Lucrezia knows how to make a fine first impression. She is skilled in the rules of etiquette and capable of conducting herself appropriately in a variety of formal situations - from meeting royalty to hosting a fancy dinner party. (Conversely, this also means she knows how NOT to act if she's looking to make a scene.)
  • ENTOMOLOGICAL INTIMACY: Her Evolved ability brings with it an intrinsic intimacy with the entomological world but Lucrezia has also striven to increase her book knowledge about the creatures she so often interacts with. She's schooled in the habitats, diets, behaviors, and communication methods of a vast variety of insects and arachnids the world over.
  • MODI SEDUCENTI: Lucrezia is an actress and she most certainly knows how to perform. She can lie with a straight face, tap into a reservoir of crocodile tears on cue, and pretend to be everything or nothing that someone else might want her to be. Seductive ways, indeed.
  • SWISS BANK ACCOUNT: Someone got some good advice when she was just starting out and, instead of blowing her movie-made millions on frivolous things, Lucrezia saved up her little lire in a Swiss bank account. After nearly three decades in the film industry, it's pretty safe to say that she'll never have to work another day in her life and she'll still be able to eat filet mignon morning, noon, and night. She's got money. A LOT of money.
  • WORLD TRAVELER: Like many Europeans, Lucrezia speaks several languages. In addition to her native tongue (Italian), she is also fluent in English and French. She knows enough Spanish to hold a casual conversation and has a smattering of German in her linguistic arsenal.

Episode Guide

Air Date Title Summary Starring
Summer, 93 The God of Small Things In which Teodoro Laudani is 11 years old and spending a few summer days with his aunt Lucrezia. Sets precedent for the boy's tendency to set himself on fire, and the woman's stupefyingly loving wrath. Teo
05 Jan 09 Agnus Dei Lucrezia reveals her arrival to Amato, and he in turn reveals his recent gleanings in addition to a bit more. Amato
Conscience and Cognition Tyr is led by the mirthful Freyja from the land of Midgaard to the realm of Niflheim, and the All-Father lays his secrets bare. Amato, Drake, Hans, Kazimir
07 Jan 09 Footservants and Family When Teo's aunt drops in for a surprise visit, she finds more than just family afoot. Alexander, Teo
08 Jan 09 Courtesy Call In an attempt to mix metaphors, the Father calls on the Son and the Holy Spirit in order to assign them tasks that rightly belong to other people. Amato, Kazimir
Fool Me Once Strange what desire will make foolish people do. (Occurs concurrently with events in Fool Me Twice.) Amato
Something Sinister Paths cross and diverge; there are no true coincidences. Eileen
09 Jan 09 Totally Fucked Love's the boy stood on the burning deck… Alexander, Teo
Easy Sylar returns, victorious. Of course, it can never be that easy. Eileen, Kazimir, Sylar
15 Jan 09 Said the Spider In all of his magnificent ignorance, Teo comes to save his aunt. Eileen imagines herself a new enemy, and Lucrezia recalls… something. Eileen, Teo
16 Jan 09 Past the Mission Faith and fidelity are put to the test by an unexpected first and unforeseen confessions. Amato
17 Jan 09 Someone's Going To Be In Trouble In which Lucrezia meets the third and final roommate and Teo's going to get a tongue lashing. Abby, Alexander
18 Jan 09 See What Happens Assholes, terrorists, staring contests, free drinks and titties abound one afternoon in The Exotica. Deckard, Ethan
19 Jan 09 Our Lady of the Capricious It isn't gossip if it is between family, and it promptly transmutes to something else when an erstwhile ally — enemy? — literally bursts out of the boudoir door. Eileen, Teo


Amadora Laudani
Amato Salucci
Cyrano Fontaine
Teodoro Laudani


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