Luka Ulyanov

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Name Luka Ulyanov Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Electrical Transportation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Russian
Birthdate September 23rd, 1975 Age 35
Height 6'2" Build Stocky
Eyes Slate Blue Hair Dark
Residence N/A
Employment N/A
Parents N/A Siblings Sofia Ulyanov
Marital Status Widower Children N/A
First Seen Last Seen
Profile A lost, confused, very distraught Russian everyman with very little English under his belt has arrived by accident in NYC. Halp!
Luka Ulyanov
portrayed by

Goran Visnjic


I have decided that this will be Luka in New York City.


Opening Credits The Complete History of Soviet Russia Through the Eyes of a Humble Worker, Arranged to the Theme of Tetris
Growing Up
Love Theme
Breaking Up
Fight and/or Power Song
Identity Crisis/Mental Breakdown
Life is Good
Chase Scene
Final Battle
Death Scene
End Credits


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