Luther Bellamy

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Name Luther Bellamy Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Energy Conversion
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate June 1, 1969 Age 42
Height 6'3" Build Average
Eyes Gray Hair Brown
Residence None
Employment Formerly Redbird
Parents Luc (dead)
Helen (dead)
Siblings John (dead)
Marital Status Married - Robyn (dead) Children Luke (dead)
Joanna (dead)
First Seen Twitchy Last Seen
Profile Formerly known as 'The Man with the VW Van', Luther had been a janitor (not a metaphor) for Redbird Security, but turned vagrant again when the place was blown up. Once again a wanderer, but no longer a total vagrant thanks to Monica finding him hidden away from the ever increasing security around Midtown and ramped up registration roundups, the question remains: how will _endgame affect his future?
Luther Bellamy
portrayed by

Liev Schreiber



They Gave Him A Degree And Called It B.S.

Psychology - Luther's field of academic higher learning was psychology, culminating in a Bachelor's of Science degree in the field. His focus was on the behavioral sciences. That was several years ago though, and by now the academic research will have progressed since his days of learning. The rest of his psych knowledge is informal observations of the changes that humanity has undergone, from the basest class possible.

Marketing and sales management - Working for several years in the corporate world as a cog in their marketing floor, it was the most fitting use of his academic studies, practically applied. He learned how to research and read the statistics. It's usually just useful to stereotype and typecast people into roles, or to determine a most likely reaction based solely on external factors (that guy looks most likely to be a gun nut… let's get out of here.)

Car repair - After he bought a rundown van to restore, knowing nothing about car repair, Luther had to do his studying up of cars. More specifically, how to fix his van up enough that it can run. For the most part. He's had around four years to figure things out, but it's mostly been through stubborn determination and the occasional help from looting a mechanic's shop. The occasional bubblegum and wish might also help.

Security - He'd undergone basic training of a corporate security guard, and then several "update" courses, usually because of the technological changes to security systems (card readers and the like). Still, he's managed to retain most of that subset of skills after he took them so seriously. He could operate the regular weapons spread (baton, gun, pepper spray/mace, taser) as any guard might be able to.


The Fairer Sex

monica_icon.gif Monica
Buddy, pal, and definite badass. He compared her to St. Joan once. Little does Luther know…
peyton_icon.gif Peyton
The generous soul who took this weirdo homeless guy in and gave him a job. Though unsure what's become of her because of some alternate timeline of Cardinal (at least, that's who everyone's blaming), he's adamant in support.
maddie_icon.gif Madeleine Hart
After witnessing this young journalist for the New York Times get (probably) cursed by that old witchy baglady, Luther actually got enough gumption to ask for some change. He got five bucks and her business card. Not a bad haul… too bad she's involved with Evolved Affairs. "I… am The Enemy!" - Almost Famous
nadira_icon.gif Nadira
If a beautiful girl can't land a job in New York City, what're the chances of a middle-aged homeless guy? Not good.
isabella_icon.gif "Agent Dawson"
Woman in serious need of Anger Management. But has a kick that could win the World Cup.
devi_icon.gif "That Crazy Woman Who Wrecked My Van!"
Still on the fence of whether to get even, or just revenge.
gin_icon.gif Gin
It's at the start of a complicated, paranoia and physical fighting filled friendship.



11/08 Awake My Soul The morning of Five Years Gone, Luther preps himself for an interesting day.
11/08 Five Years Gone The memorial for the Midtown bomb goes horribly awry in the most unexpected ways.
11/10 A Hard Day's Life A few days after, Luther goes to ground back at the Skinny Brickfront and finds a friendly face.


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