Lynette Rowan

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Name Lynette Terra Rowan Aliases Regina Sinclair
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Electrokinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. White AF
Birthdate February 2, 1978 Age 33
Height 5'5" Build 120 lbs.
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Pollepel Island
Employment Ferrymen Councilwoman
Parents Jeremy Rowan and Karin Brauer Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Fast as You Can Last Seen White Christmas
Profile Former captive of the Institute and a little on the unbalanced side at the moment. But hey! They made her part of the Ferry Council, which means… maybe they're a little unbalanced, too.
Note: Lynette is a recovering Refrain user. But no worries, she's easing her Refrain cravings with alcohol lately. When she can get her hands on it.
Lynette Rowan
portrayed by

Elisabeth Harnois

This quiver in my lip, that’s just where I keep my arrows. ~ Dessa (String Theory - Doomtree)


New Identity

As of December 21, 2010, all Lynette's official, business, or governmental type things will be done through this identity.
Complete with birth certificate, social security, registration card (Tier 0: Electrical Absorption) and driver's license, Regina is a respectable middle-class citizen who moved to NYC a few months before the November 8th riots.


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Childhood friend from the California days. Their families were close and they were thrown together a lot in those days. The loss of contact started when Lynn and her father moved away, and the last time the girls saw each other was at Veronica's father's funeral. Well, until Lynette found out her old friend had been a mole in the institute. They were able to reconnect, but it was unfortunately brief. And bittersweet.
She can't help it. She likes Quinn. She's fun and friendly and Lynette tends to be in a good mood around her. And she's genuinely rooting for things to go well for the musician. (Even if, lately, it seems like nothing's going to end up going well for any of them.)
The two met years ago on an occasion when both were in California and before Lynette came to work for the Ferry. They were lovers for a time, and remain good friends to this day.
Perhaps an odd addition to the friends list, but Dema was the sole source of anything positive during her captivity with The Institute and she considers him a friend. And might have a teeny, tiny crush on him. >.> (Stockholm What?)
This relationship started with resentment, but they were able to become friends and even lovers. While that didn't last, Lynette is still fond of Ben and doesn't hold it against him that he ended things. Dreams of a future that will never be have left them awkward and standoffish and that may be what she regrets the most.
Things got off to a rocky start with this one. What with drug addictions and big, burly Russians and such. But Lynette has always liked her and even feels like they get along these days. Fancy that.

Other Stuff

Smuggling: Lynn has been smuggling everything from humans to drugs to wobbly headed dolls since she was about twenty-two. She worked for a mobster based in Los Angeles doing so until 2007.

Contacts: Through her smuggling, she has a number of contacts for new identification, for money, for getting through Customs, for transport, hiding… even someone to supply packing crates.

Athletic: Naturally athletic, she's healthy and hearty, and tends to be able to defend herself. She isn't a prize fighter by any means, but she can pack a punch when the occasion calls for it.

Financial: She understands money. How to make it, how to use it, how to grow it. She tends to be able to name peoples' 'price', as far as bribes are concerned. Also, she has connections to money in her father (high priced attorney) and her former boss and mobster, Donnie Costa.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Lynn picks up on things, although tends to be mediocre until she /really/ puts time into training. But, she can fake things enough to get by under the radar. Provided no one asks for a detailed demonstration.

Subterfuge: She's a big fat liar. Or can be. Her public persona is almost entirely an act, used to lure people into a sense of security, or to underestimate her or to flat out disregard her. She likes to be in a position to manipulate any given situation, just in case it's needed later.

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