Madeline Baldwin

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Name Madeline Baldwin Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Puppetry
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate 07/24/1981 Age 27
Height 5'6" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Employment Thief/Criminal
Parents Darryl and Donna Baldwin Siblings
Marital Status Children
First Seen Vanity Fair Last Seen Consummate Bitch
Madeline Baldwin
portrayed by

Summer Glau



  • Comic Books: When you're pretty much under house arrest as a child, and you have a thing for superheroes, and wanting to be accepted and appreciated and all that sort of thing, you sometimes pick up some very geeky habits. Madeline is, in this sense, the dream girl of the classic geek boy…she likes comic books. And not just the kiddie stuff, no, the more sink-your-teeth-in it is, the more she likes it. She's well-versed in all the major publishers (she's more of a DC girl than a Marvel girl), and can discuss at length Kevin Smith's contributions, why Judd Winick sucks, why John Byrne needs his ego popped, and why Frank Miller should never be allowed to touch a superhero.
  • Movies: Another refuge of the sheltered geek girl. Movies are your friend. DVDs are your friend. BitTorrent is really your friend. Madeline has an enormous personal collection of movies, some of which she's purchased, many more of which she's downloaded. She almost never is without a movie playing if she's at home. Her preference in movies tends to run to science fiction, fantasy, and comedies, with a smattering of action films here and there. Horror is virtually non-existent in her collection, and there's precious little in the way of what would be considered "dramas" in there. Standard geek-fare, really.
  • Roleplaying Games: Even if she started off basically being both the gamemaster and player. A beloved uncle gave her the Dungeons and Dragons rules for a birthday, and it was great…escapism in a box. Movies she could write herself! Over time, it became one of the few social activities she could get authorized past her parents…since it involved being inside someone else's house, rather than playing in that dangerous outdoors. Of course, she occasionally threw them curveballs by roleplaying with non-whites (gasp!). Over the years, she's picked up quite a collection of gaming books, and she's versed in a great many different systems. She's become both a bit of an expert and an elitist…prizing only -good- systems and -good- roleplay, as she defines it.
  • Basketball: One of Madeline's few social activities in her first two years in high school, her father actually supported the idea of her going out for sports. (She's always secretly suspected he wanted a son rather than a daughter.) Madeline spent her freshman year playing girls' basketball, and she's pretty good at it, though she was frequently the source of many fouls; she plays a little bit more of a "full contact" game than most girls…or most boys, for that matter. She only played her first year, deciding that all the rules and regulation were not for her. But she still enjoys playing it in a less regulated environment. Of course, she plays basketball in much the same way as she goes at all her other endeavors…balls to the walls, and if you can't keep up, get ready to get hurt. Of course, having tried this in her first year at high school, she decided to try something else, and since they wouldn't let her on the football team, that paved the way to…
  • Soccer: Madeline wanted to get on the real football team (she's American…real football involves the elongated oval ball you through through the air, helmets, pads and all that), but sadly, her school wasn't about to let a girl onto the football team, unless there had been a long and unpleasant lawsuit. So, off it was to the soccer team. It's not bad…it's -excellent- exercise and keeps one nicely in shape, plus kicking things builds up the leg muscles, gives awesome legs, and is good for the agility all at the same time. It doesn't have the raw, visceral ass-kickyness of being on the football team, but even Madeline admits the reality of being power-tackled by a six foot, 220 lb. boy at full force is somewhat less than a thrilling prospect.
  • Martial Arts: Madeline's dad was insistent that she learn how to protect herself, and well, Madeline thought it was all that much better for the ability to go kick everyone else's ass. The style chosen was Tang Soo Do, not for any grand purpose, but just because it was the closest dojo to home. The dojo she used also incorporated some boxing and tae kwon do training into the style, and so she's got a wide range of abilities for pounding on people. Unfortunately, she hasn't picked up so much on the philosophical aspects of the training…enlightenment isn't much in her bailiwick, but she picked up on the physical side quite well, and unfortunately she's all too willing to use it to beat the hell out of people if they cross her. This is something once again that she uses to get into shape as well as for pounding on people. She made it as far as a blue belt; about halfway to black, before her distaste of rigid rules made her give it up.--




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