Magnes J. Varlane

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Name Magnes J. Varlane Aliases Dean Parker
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 0) Ability Gravity Manipulation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate February 8th, 1988 Age 23
Height 6'0 Build Athletic/Toned
Eyes Hazel Hair Dark-Brown
Residence Siann Hall
Employment Delivery Boy
Company Agent
Police Officer
Tracy Strauss' Intern/Vigilante
Parents Donna Varlane (Mother)
Peter Varlane (Father)
May West (Grandmother, Donna's mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children Somewhere in a future timeline?
First Seen Not So Special Delivery Last Seen
Profile Magnes is an ex-Delivery Boy slash ex-NYPD officer slash ex-Company Agent (And can barely remember), hated by Japan (for unwittingly aiding in the destruction of the Tokyo Crosswalk during the Shibuya Incident). Currently he's Tracy Strauss' intern, and doing his own vigilante thing on the side. Unlike in the past, he's not just investigating crimes and turning evidence over to the police, now he's full blown punching bad guys in the face and dropping them off to be arrested; anonymously, of course. Above all else, his goal is to protect his friends and the world they live in, and possibly not die in the process.
Magnes J. Varlane
portrayed by
Shia LaBeouf

If I could be a superhero
I would be… Awesome Man
I’d fly around the world fighting crime
According to my awesome plan
And if I saw criminals trying to lie
Hurting other people and making them cry
I’d haul them off to jail in my awesome van
‘Cause I would be Awesome Man
— Stephen Lynch, "Superhero"

"I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law."
— Bugs Bunny



Isabelle - Magnes believes Isabelle to be very good intentioned, though very intimidating. He finds himself getting more out of his shell as he hangs around with her, but she still makes him very uneasy. He believes she may have a thing for him, for whatever reason, but has the vague belief that she may just be making fun of him. Magnes will miss her dearly.
Gillian - Long time internet friend turned real life friend, Gillian knows things about Magnes that people likely shouldn't know, due to the anonymity of the internet. They went through Argentina, robots, and amnesiac girlfriends plus possessed boyfriends together. Gillian is one of Magnes' closest friends and his longest friend period, he'll go pretty far to protect her and trust as well as enjoys her company more than most people..
Sable - While she may not know many of his other friends, or much about the more secretive aspects of his life, Sable is a very close friend he's lived with for a while now. She's also his band mate, and he's made a promise to try and help her reach the dream of becoming a star. Much like Claire used to when they were together, Sable often offers him an escape from the harsh parts of his life. She's also his best friend.
Delilah - Magnes and Delilah have been friends for a while now, though he often still has to keep her in the dark at times, mostly for her own safety. As far as close friends go, they get pretty close, but he's realized she genuinely has no interest in him in the way he used to wish for. Still, he cares about her deeply as a friend, and thinks of her as family for the most part (implications aside). Don't mess with Delilah or get thrown out of a window!


Skating is likely where Magnes is most talented. He's practiced for years, but didn't get very good until his powers manifested and he began to use them together. His skill is likely pro level, but only because of his powers; without his powers his skill level is mostly confined to grinding, he was never too good at jumping high and doing tricks without them.

Magnes' War Journal

Helena ordered me to stay out of the way or they'll hurt people, and I'm mostly listening, she does know what she's talking about, I hope. But I can't just roll over and leave it alone, I'm gonna try and speak to some other people about the situation. I also recently spotted Danko and some other person taking a briefcase from a car, so I dropped a dumpster on their boat and attempted to make Danko wary of his own allies.

They're slipping up, mercenaries are after them, Emile Danko is taken out, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the high ranking members are too.

Murphy's Timeline Journal

We're in this timeline where lots of stuff went wrong. I don't really understand it all, but -a flood happened-, the Vanguard spread an evil virus, and a bunch of other stuff.

Mala and Denisa are alive here. These people… so many people lack hope, this world is dead, there are barely enough people here to restart the population of Earth. I can't leave them behind.

I've been considering how to save the people here. I thought about fighting the Vanguard, stopping Kazimir, but it really doesn't change anything. These people need to be saved.

I learned that I can control black holes. Probably not under normal circumstances. My nose was bleeding, that's what Ruiz said, and his nose was bleeding too. Controlling a black hole is going to be tricky.

My current plan, once I find a way to do it, is this:

Step 1. Figure out how controlling Ruiz's black hole even works, and if I can, I don't know, sense other black holes inside of it.

Step 2. Send a carefully worded message through to the other black hole until we can make contact.

Step 3. Find a way to open a black hole large enough to take everyone through it, I mean all of them. These people need to be saved, they can have real lives in our world.

I know this all seems tricky, but I've been thinking about science, and my ability.

Elisabeth came through the hole without dying, I think it's because I'm capable of protecting people in a black hole without them dying. So, I need a few things, in no particular order..

1. I need a way to either augment my ability, or learn to expand my ability so that I can increase my mass enough to grab everyone into it.

2. I need Ruiz, and a way to open a black hole in my world. Maybe it means coincidentally having another Ruiz open a black hole there? I don't know.

3. I need practice, I need a lot of practice now that I have a better idea of what my ability is.

I think that it's possible to increase my mass without becoming a black hole. I think that a black hole is more like… the violent worst case scenario. I've been augmented before and I didn't become a black hole, because I didn't lose control.

If I could increase my mass, while Ruiz increases the size of his black hole, then I can plausibly take everyone through it without them getting hurt. I just… I have to learn the nature of black holes, I have to really, truly learn what they are. I'm going to have to take risks, and I have to take these risks myself first, no one else can put themselves at risk for this wild plan. I have to actually do this scientifically…

Magnes' Wonderful Life

These are bullet points to what are actually longer stories he's been writing.

  • Magnes meets a nice Southern girl named Abigail Beauchamp. She's old fashioned, but after a few weeks they hit it off and start dating.
  • There's a new teacher in school, Teo, and he rides a motorcycle. He becomes Magnes' rival, and their animosity eventually leads to a teacher vs. student boxing match. It ends in a draw when Abby forces him to stop.
  • Raith the dean rides through the halls in an office chair and accidentally destroys Magnes' report.
  • Delilah joins the school through a genius program. She's young but looks older, so people tread with caution.
  • Abby falls in love with Victor and lets Magnes off as easily as possible.

White Knight Costume:

The White Knight costume is designed so that details of his identity can't be discovered, since suspension of disbelief doesn't exist in real life. There are no places that show skin in the costume. He wears army boots and keeps his cargo pants pinned inside of them so that they won't fly up, his shirt stays tucked into tightly belted pants, and his gloves and mask zipped to his shirt to avoid them being pulled off. His mask has no holes in it, but he can see out of his side of the mask. The knot of his American flag scarf is tied in a way that will make it come loose if someone pulls it, to avoid getting his head ripped off. His shirt has a tiny hidden camera that can be activated from one of his pouches.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "You're worth it, Claire, a job is a job, but there's only one of you." - Magnes assuring Claire that he could care less if she makes him lose his NYPD job.
  • (I need more of these! Add them.)

Trivia and Notes:

  • Magnes has this as a somewhat small tattoo around his belly button, spanning out a bit into his abdomin: It's Xiulan's work, for anyone who would know.
  • Magnes is ironically poor at physics.
  • Very awkward around the opposite sex unless he's comfortable with a particular individual, and even then he's still pretty awkward.
  • Usually doesn't enter establishments that don't allow skates, unless he has a good reason to or can sneak them in.
  • Hates Nathan Petrelli (Or maybe Linderman).
  • Hiro, Peter and Niki are his favorite 9th Wonders characters, though he'd generally assume any similarities between real life people are pure coincidence. He's not a huge fan of the comic in general compared to Marvel and such, but does generally like it. He's confused by the Claire character dating Claire, and is currently behind in the issues. (If you want him to recognize you from the comic, just say so!)
  • Has been shot once twice, by Wu Long, then Danko.
  • Had his blood pulled out and his entire body crushed in the Pancratium. Thanks Konga and Nina!
  • Had his arm bitten off by Cook. He's better now.
  • Has been bagged and tagged, with a visible tracker mark on his neck and all.
  • Due to Deckard's description, believes Magnes knows Sylar looks something like this:
  • Has been back in time to Japan where Ando and Hiro talk in the restaurant, to the outside of the diner where Hiro's girlfriend was currently being killed by Sylar, and to the scene of the bomb at Kirby Plaza where he saw Ando get killed.
  • Rode on top of an airplane to Japan.
  • Probably perma-banned from Japan.
  • Never had a pet.

"The Protomen - The Will of One
"Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy
"Libera Me From Hell" - Bad Engrish rap warning.
Powerpuff Girls - Love Makes The World Go Round
Avril Lavigne - Skater Boy
Chopin - Valentina Igoshina - Fantasie Impromptu - His most practiced piano song.
Ookla The Mok - Stop Talkin' About Comic Books Or I'll Kill You
System of a Down - Pizza Pie
Hideki Naganuma - Fly Like A Butterfly
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah - Omg who would he possibly sing this song for?!
Ben's Brother - Stuttering
Stephen Lynch - Superhero

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