Marla McCarthy

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Name Marla McCarthy Aliases
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Invisibility
Gender Female Race/Eth. Canadian
Birthdate 1976 Age 32
Height 5'8" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Dark
Residence Ontario, Canada
Employment Unknown
Parents Siblings Melvin McCarthy
Marital Status Single Children
First Seen The Beginning of Something Troublesome Last Seen What the Grapevine Spilled

A transplant from Canada, Marla is a thief, looter, and 'ghost' whose single motivation in life seems to be self-entertainment. She has an on-and-off working relationship with The Linderman Group, though usually she's content to pull ridiculous shenanigans by herself.

Marla is back in Ontario in order to avoid all the anti-Evolved dramallamas in the US, and especially in NYC.

Marla McCarthy
portrayed by

Shannyn Sossamon




This man intimidates Marla a little. Not gonna lie. She'll take the money, of course, but aside from that she mostly prefers to keep away from him— too much heavy, scary backing behind a single authority figure.
Squint, squint. This guy is a kind of mysterious and iffy, as far as if she actually wants to stay hanging around him. As long as he provides a steady source of entertainment, though? Oh, what the hell.
Seems like a nifty type of gal. Very possibly someone Marla can look forward to working with in the future.

Trivia and Notes

  • [Claustrophobia] - Marla's number one fear? Dying from lack of air, or just having a lack of air in general. She thus avoids enclosed spaces whenever at all possible, invisible or not.
  • [Little Children] - Hates them. Sometimes kicks them on the street.
  • [Accent] - Thanks to living in Canada for most of her young life, Marla still speaks with an accent regional to southern Ontario. The most noticeable feature about hers is that her words have a 'clipped' sound to them, almost as if they're not-quite British. If she says 'eh', it's on purpose, mind you.
  • [Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?] - Like so many others, Marla lost contact with Melvin after The Big Apple's big boom. She currently has no idea where he is, or if he's even still alive (to her credit, she did search and ask around. Just not for very long). If you have an interest in adopting Melvin, contact via @mail or page.
  • [Pack Rat] Where is Marla's accumulated stash of stolen crap? SHE'S NOT TELLING.
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