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Name Avery Maxwell Quinn Aliases Max
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Electromagnetic Pulse Generation
Gender Male Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate July 1, 1979 Age 31
Height 6'3" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Cliffside Apartments
Employment Coco's Boxing Gym - Personal trainer.
Parents Gary and Janice Quinn Siblings Eldest of three brothers.
Marital Status The entire Russian Ballet Children
First Seen Death Imitating Art Last Seen

Max Quinn is a soldier turned stuntman turned action star. He's original came to New York to film his first feature, called Multiple Man.
Recently, he manifested an Evolved ability while the set of Multiple Man was attacked for a second time. Needless to say, his film career is over and it is unlikely the movie will ever see the light of day. Plus, now electronic equipment tends to glitch out or fry around him. No more Nintendo Wii!

Maxwell Quinn
portrayed by

Josh Hartnett



Max is a decent free-runner. It comes in handy being a stuntman, and looks cool too. He knows how to use the terrain to speed up or slow down a chase, how to scale or avoid obstacles and can jump greater than average distances. He's not hardcore into this, and like most of his skills, he learned it for the flash factor.

Physical Toughness
This is one part natural, one part training. Max can take a licking and keep on ticking. He's strong, fast, in really good shape, but more importantly, he knows how to take a hit. He also knows how to fall without getting seriously hurt, how to protect himself and how to absorb the energy of blows to minimize injury. He also has a high threshold for pain. Bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains and fractures are all just par for the course for a stuntman.

Stunt work
This is a mixed bag skill that involves a bit of knowledge of pyrotechnics, (how to handle them and be safe around explosions, not how to create them) of stunt driving (though that's not his specialty) acrobatics, wire and green screen work, choreographed fights, faked deaths, faked pain, all that.

Military Skills
Although he was just an infantry grunt, Max nonetheless learned military procedure, basic combat, firearms and ordnance, intel gathering and strategy. His specialty was urban warfare. He was not very highly decorated, but he was effective, kept a neat bunk and took orders well. He's a half decent shot, though it's been ages since he fired a gun with real bullets.

Sort of. Like most action stars, he could never do Shakespeare justice. His acting skills mostly fall into two categories: looking injured or looking badass. He's gotten to do more of the second than a first since he's started to take on starring roles. Still, he's fairly good at memorizing lines and hitting marks, even if he doesn't deliver his lines with a whole lot of skill. Then again, it's the action genre -he doesn't exactly have gold to work with.

Martial Arts
Max's training has been more for looks than for actual attack value. He knows a lot of flashy moves from various disciplines and has cobbled them together into his own unique style. It's a combination of Van Damme/Schwarzenegger/Stalone-esque All-American badass with the fluidity of martial arts. He manages to make a militaristic, hard-hitting style look fairly graceful. That's the trademark that has propelled his career along thus far. It's mostly for show, though. There are a lot of other disciplines that would be far more effective and less flashy. He uses moves that a more serious martial artists could easily find holes in. He's more like a dancer than he is a fighter.




Multiple Man:

The story revolves around Parker Blue, ex-NYPD agent and Evolved with the ability to temporarily steal the abilities of other Evolved. The movie has drawn controversy for its portrayal of pro-Evolved factions (in the movie, it's called Firebird, a thinly-veiled copy of Phoenix), an Evolved hero, its use of Evolved to create effects instead of CGI and the fact that some filming is to take place in Midtown.

The movie is no summer blockbuster or Oscar potential. In fact, the movie has gained more press for the controversy surrounding it than any anticipation of the quality of the final product. The film is produced by Paramount Pictures in association with The Linderman Group. To quell some of the controversy, one third of the movie's proceeds will be donated to rebuilding Midtown.


Breakwater was a made-for-TV movie that became a short-lived series on Spike TV. Max played Sam Luckmann, a former Marine who was supposed to be some kind of Private Investigator, but ended up kicking the crap out of terrorists most weeks. The series featured a massive special effects budget with stunts and explosions rivaling those seen on the big screen. The plots were usually unimaginative and were mostly an excuse to show Max kicking the crap out of people and/or women in bikinis. The show was deemed unprofitable after one season and it was cancelled. But, because of the quality of the effects and stunts, the series has developed a cult following and has seen strong sales of the DVD release.

Think 24 meets Baywatch with a Michael Bay SFX budget.


July 5, 2009: Death Imitating Art - A complicated scene for Multiple Man is shot without a hitch. Then something explodes that wasn't supposed to. Six people are killed, a dozen more are injured. The culprits? Humanis First, who disapprove of the movie's Evolved hero.
July 8, 2009: A Paine To Watch - Maxwell leaves a token of condolences at a memorial for people killed by Humanis First.
July 9, 2009: PR Lessons - Max chats up a few people at the Orchid Lounge.
July 11, 2009: Remember, It's Not Real - A day on the set of Multiple Man goes awry when Isis swaps with a stuntman who has illusion abilities.
July 23, 2009: The Manties Of The American People - A night out at the bar with movie folk, Kaylee and Wendy. (Wendy's fault for the log title and the quote from which it came)


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