Minea Dahl

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Name Minea Dahl Aliases Minea Lancaster
Status Unregistered Non-Evolved
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate June 6th, 1976 - October 7th, 2009 Age 34
Height 5'9 Build 176 lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Fort Hero
Employment Homeland Security (The Company)
Parents Robert Dahl - Deceased
Georgina Dahl
Siblings Javier Dahl
Robert Dahl Jr.
Gregory Dahl
Marital Status Divorced Children None
First Seen Inconvenient Introductions Last Seen With A Bang, And A Whimper
Profile Minea Dahl if a field agent for The company, under the guise of Homeland Security. She bags and tags unregistered Evolveds, works on cases that are placed in her lap, does occasional undercover work and otherwise produces miracles of information from nowhere thanks to her past and her connections with the current city's underworlds and factions.
Minea Dahl
portrayed by

Lena Headey

The counterpart cups his hands in the deep
washes his hands of him
gives the Son over to the mob,
in verdict and fulfillment

Baptismal Waters
Raymond A. Foss


RP Preferences

  • I'm amenable to nearly anything. As I say hey, I'm pretty easy. I firmly believe in ICA =ICC. What does this mean? It means that in character actions equal in character consequences. If I walk into a dark alley and you intend to follow and rob me, then, guess what, I get robbed. Careful, I might fight back. I'm RPable pretty much from 8:15 am - 11pm PST 7 days a week.
  • Unless it is a scene involved in a +event or large group scenes (Defined as 5+ people), I do not - from October 2nd onwards - Consent to logs that involve my character being posted. This is a personal choice and decision and I hope you can respect it.
  • Please keep OOC/IC information about my character separate. It's a hard thing to do at time, I know and I understand. But it's a pet peeve of mine. Unsure of whether you'd know? Ask me, I'll happily discuss it with you!
  • Wanna be bagged and tagged? I'm a company agent and will happily acquiesce to your request, so to speak.
  • I don't like backdated RP past a week. In a week so much can change and I might not be able to remember/play my character as she was past a week. This doesn't mean I won't do backdated RP, I might. Just don't be surprised if I choose not to and please respect my decision. Same stands for postdated RP more than a day. So much changes day to day.

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Not me. Tell your friends you got beat up by Minnie Mouse. Next time you try this and I catch you, you're gonna be missing a kneecap" - To Conrad in Heeeey lady!
  • "I told you, I'm an artist. I'm a documents specialist. You create faces, I create the ID's and the necessary paperwork to go with them." - To Sonny in Just a Little Nip
  • "You're fucking naïveté is going to get you killed some day and you will be just a grave marker in some unknown cemetery and your parents will be told a lie about how you died because they don't have the clearance to know the truth" - To Magnes in But I Trust You
  • "I always did. Life is not daisy's and sunshine. It's a pile of shit shoveled day after day with an occasional flower growing out of it. Hey, it's Business" - To Teo in The Spinning Needle.
  • "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not the one who came here with the intention of killing someone Laudani" - To Teo in With A Bang, And A Whimper.


Trivia and Notes:

  • She was once married for six months to an Ovileau St-Pierre in Montpellier, France and subsequently and mutually, divorced. Something about being drunk at the time, and not knowing why they went ahead with it. Neither has since then, communicated with each other.
  • Owns an 81 Malibu, black, that belonged to her father. Keeps it and drives it for sentimental reasons.
  • Always carries minimum two guns on her person.
  • Minea has a plethora of tattoo's, mostly from when she was younger, and in college, others from in recent years.
    • palm sized Lotus flower on the center of her upper back. Just to the south east of that is a hummingbird in warm colors.
    • On her right upper arm are two butterflies and stylized vines.
    • upper left arm is a design, lines that form some sort of aesthetic curlicue.
    • Inside of her wrist is the word "Lourdes" the name of her grandmother whom she loved dearly.
    • There's a black and white fairy on the outside of her left foot.
    • right side rib cage is an 'invisible' tattoo. It's done in blacklight ink in and only seen under UV lighting or certain levels. It's a Koi fish with water.
    • Tramp stamp with "groovy" written in Kanji.


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