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Name Mischa Christinel Aliases None
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Bliss and Horror
Gender Female Race/Eth. White; Romanian American
Birthdate 08/18/1980 Age 29
Height 5'6" Build Curvy
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Las Vegas, NV
Employment "Negotiator" with the Linderman Group
Parents Vasile Christinel †
Bianca Christinel †
Siblings Lise Christinel
Carmen Christinel
Noemi Christinel
Marital Status Single Children August Christinel
First Seen Do I Know You? Last Seen N/A
Profile Mischa is a young woman working for the Linderman Group who uses her ability to make other people feel either extreme pleasure or discomfort. Through active concentration and the manipulation of endorphins, she can cause her subjects to experience sensations of bliss, horror, love, fear, shame, ecstasy, euphoria and desire. Ironically, she is also a drug addict and must resort to substance abuse to achieve the highs that she regularly induces in other people.
Mischa Christinel
portrayed by

Asia Argento



Title and Date Summary Other Participants
Do I Know You - 08/26 Gladstone pays Mischa a midnight visit at her apartment in the Bronx after a two year absence. Gladstone
The Devil's Smile - 09/10 Mischa runs into Kain on his smoke-break outside the Linderman Building and finds him flirting with a reporter-in-disguise. Danielle, Kain
Deception - 09/11 After discovering that 'Gwen' is really a reporter-in-disguise, Kain and Mischa arrange to give her a scare and discourage her from sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. Things don't go exactly as planned, but do they ever? Danielle, Kain
Dodging the Bullet - 09/24 Kain drops by Mischa's apartment and breaks some bad news about Danielle. Kain
Things of Value - 09/28 Mischa bumps into Kain on her way out of a meeting with Linderman. It did not go well. Kain, Kaydence and Linderman
Petty Bribery - 10/26 Deckard, Felix and Mischa encounter one another on the streets of Chinatown and conversation turns toward the recent string of Evolved murders that have been all over the news. Deckard and Felix

Notable Relationships

Mischa doesn't see Linderman as much as she used to, and despite the fact that she views him as a father figure of sorts — that's just fine by her. Linderman, or 'Danny' as she sometimes calls him behind his back, not only intimidates Mischa but scares her as well. Under no circumstances will she stand up to him, and in the rare instance she decides to do something that she knows he won't like, she takes extensive pains to make sure it doesn't somehow find its way back to him.
It's probably a good thing that Mischa's relationship with Kain Zarek is strictly professional. They have a hard enough time getting along without throwing sex into the mix. Due to their close proximity to Linderman, the pair has often found themselves working together to further the goals of the organization to which they both belong. The rest of their time is spent avoiding each other, though that isn't to say Mischa doesn't enjoy stepping on his toes if presented with the opportunity. She likes watching him squirm, even if it means she ends up squirming a little herself.
Mischa first met Danielle Hamilton outside of the Linderman Building when Kain was trying to pick her up while on his smoke-break. Initially, she attempted to throw a wrench in the womanizer's plans, but changed her approach when Kain alerted her to the fact there might be more to her than meets the eye. Later, after Kain discovered that she was really a reporter-in-disguise, the pair arranged to give her a scare, hoping it would discourage her from sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Unfortunately, their plan ultimately backfired and resulted in Danielle coming into possession of some incriminating evidence against the Linderman Group. Now the two work together. Fun times.

Trivia and Notes

  • Mischa's character was inspired by this Mia Michaels dance routine.

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