Molly Walker

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Name Molly Walker Aliases Matilda Wonker
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Clairvoyance
Gender Female Race/Eth. Caucasian
Birthdate November 17, 1996 Age 15
Height 5'3 Build Slender
Eyes Baby Blue Hair Blonde (Naturally)
Red (Dyed)
Residence Matt's Apartment
Employment None
Parents Mr. and Mrs. James Walker (Murdered by Gabriel), Matt Parkman, (Surrogate Father #1), Mohinder Suresh (Surrogate Father #2) Siblings None
Marital Status Single (She loves Micah) Children
First Seen Last Seen

Molly is currently living with her father Matt Parkman, always on the look out for some.. natural way to get her power back.. yoga hasn't worked.. candles hasn't worked.. chanting with her dad hasn't worked.. she's getting desperate here!

And she's still giving Matt hell.. what are teenage girls for afterall?

Molly Walker
portrayed by

Adair Tishler



Molly's Log Archive


These are the people that Molly depends on most. Even though they aren't blood, Molly would never call them anything but family.

Daddy Number One
Matt Parkman - is the man that Molly has been living with ever since her parents were murdered. Matt has always protected Molly and treated him like his own daughter. The two made something of a family together. She would always worry about her father, who worked insane hours and was always tired, often using her ability to check up on him. When she entered her teen years, they went through a rough patch. Though she still loves Matt very much, she hasn't seen him in a little while. She misses her dad greatly.
Daddy Number Two
Mohinder Suresh - The geneticist that saved her life from the Shanti Virus, Mohinder or "Momo" as Molly calls him is like another father to her. When she was in the Company's custody, he watched over her and protected her from the overeager scientist and doctors. Molly came to depend on Mohinder more and more as time went on, though now she doesn't have much contact with Mohinder, she hopes to see him again one day.
Mother Number One
Angela - Angela is the woman that took care of Molly while she was being tortured by the Nightmare Man until she and Hokuto banished him from her mind. Molly looks up to the strong woman as a mother figure, though stern and something of a strict woman. Molly knows that Angela has her best interest at heart.
Mother Number Two
Hokuto - is the dream manipulator that helped Angela with ridding Molly from the Nightmare Man. Through that experience Molly began to trust and even love the older woman. She was much more soft and caring then Angela and Molly often spoke to Hokuto about her problems. After finding out that the Nightmare Man was indeed her mother figure, Molly fought for her to return to normal. She is very proud of the woman and cannot wait to see her again and tell her so.



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