Monica Dawson

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Name Monica Dawson Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 1) Ability Adoptive Muscle Memory
Gender Female Race/Eth. Black; African American
Birthdate April 26, 1986 Age 25
Height 5'7" Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Who even knows?
Employment Unemployable, seriously
Parents Nana Dawson (grandmother) Siblings Damon Dawson
Marital Status Single Children JJ Dawson-Mortlock
First Seen Critiques On The Art Of Negotiation Last Seen Things We Lost
Profile Monica is a kind soul with a revolutionary's spirit. Sometimes this means the government labels her as a terrorist. Oops. She used to fight crime in her home town of New Orleans under the alias 'St. Joan'. She always has a hoodie. Always.
Note: As of 11-8-11, she is missing her left arm. This has led her to taking a break from freedom fighting and, instead, staying at Brian's Canadian safehouse with the lighthouse kids.
Monica Dawson
portrayed by

Dana Davis

"That was when I made up my mind to keep one foot in the Ideal Plane and one foot in the real world." - Father Mulcahy



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Cousin that was supposed to have been dead. Buuut he wasn't and they reunited for a moment when he had to save her from gangsters, fire and being hunted down by a mobster. She worries about just what D.L. has gotten himself into this time, but frankly, she'll be there to help him out. Family.
Cousin that was supposed to have been dead, too. Niki is family by marriage, but still family. And a troubled woman to say the least. But really, Monica has a lot of respect for her. She's a woman who has been through more than a person should be asked to go through, and she has survived. She carries on. The method may be unusual, but there's a strength and adaptability about it that Monica looks up to.
You know, there's a theme going on here? He was supposed to be dead, too, but only is in body. Micah's brillant mind is still existing out there. Even if Monica doesn't quite get it, she's glad he's not truly gone.
This is an odd one. Having just met the man (fully grown, too) that claims to be her son, she might have been more skeptical if not for the odd dreams connected to it all. She can't deny he's already been slid under the umbrella of family, no matter that whole paradox of time travel. Jaiden Micah Dawson-Mortlock. What a curiosity. (Also, he gave her a wicked dagger from the future, so.)

Other Stuff

Business: It's what she's in school for, learning how to run a business, how to start a business, how to make a business flourish, what makes businesses fail, and what is the right formula for keeping one afloat. She's not top notch at this just yet, as she's still learning, but she'll get there!

Housekeeping: On top of several waitressing jobs, Monica cooked and cleaned for her family for years. It was part of her normal life to keep things clean, tidy and to make sure everyone was fed and fed well. It does make her the perfect nanny.

Handyman (or woman): In fixing up their home after Katrina, Monica had to learn (the old fashion way, even!) how to build and repair things around the house. Including the house, even! She's handy with tools, wood, drywall, paint, wallpapering, that sort of thing.

Language: Simply from growing up in New Orleans, Monica has some grasp on the French language. She's not fluent, but she can hold simple conversation and she knows the local (to New Orleans, anyway) slang.

Streetwise: Years in the unrefined parts of both New Orleans and New York City, she's learned how to function on the street. Where is safe to go, who to ask for various… items of questionable legality, how not to look like a victim waiting to happen and what the right amount of sass is when it's needed.

Athleticism: Monica is focused on keeping her body in peak physical condition. She does both strength and endurance training, along with keeping herself nimble and dexterous. She isn't getting herself musclebound, but is making sure she can keep up with her own skills. She doesn't want to find out if she'll be able to do her ninja flips when she weighs three-hundred pounds or not.

Mimicry: Through her ability, she's picked up a laundry list of skills. For instance… parkour, gymnastics, piano, contortions, sharpshooting, swimming, carving, running, stealth… she's even picked up that crazy leaping/flying trick you see in the pretty, Asian fighting movies.

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