Gavin Montag

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Name Gavin Montag Aliases N/A
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Cryokinesis
Gender Male Race/Eth. White
Birthdate 5/21 Age 52
Height 6'2" Build Gaunt
Eyes Hazel Hair Blonde
Residence Abroad
Employment Homeland Security
Parents Deceased Siblings Older Sister
Younger Brother
Marital Status Your mum. Children N/A
First Seen Expected Arrival Last Seen N/A
Profile Mr. Montag is a British former constable/detective constable turned Company Agent over the course of the last twenty years or so. Recently transferred to New York City from London, he is about as subtle as most people who have never visited NYC before. Taxi drivers, crackheads and people who eat hot dogs fascinate him.
Gavin Montag
portrayed by

Bill Nighy



Hand to Hand: Gavin was a police officer for well over a decade before becoming a full time Company agent. He's well-versed in how to incapacitate the average assailant at close range. Of course, it helps when you can freeze their fingers and toesies off.

I Read A Book On This Once: Intrigued by human behavior and psychology, though not enough to pursue an advanced degree, Gavin has done a great deal of studying up on people and why they do what they do. As a result, he tends to have good sense of intuition when it comes to what is up in the average person's noggin, individually and from a more sociological perspective. Sometimes. At least, he thinks he does. Additionally, regardless of whether he actually knows something or not, Gavin is very good at making it sound as if he is an authority on the subject. He watches a lot of discovery channel, let us say, and is technologically literate enough to have mastered the use of Google and Wikipedia. This skill can be defied with the use of actual knowledge on a given subject that was not taken from the internet.

Oh. Fuck — Sorry!: Gavin has been trained with firearms, but is crap with them. His aim is terrible and nothing the Company does seems capable of improving upon his skill. He still carries a gun because it can be effective just to point one at someone, but god help him and everyone in the vicinity if he's ever in a situation where he has to try and shoot a person. Especially if they're moving.

Criminalistics: As the first officer on scene in a number of disturbances, and later an actual detective, Montag has a fairly sturdy knowledge of criminalistics. How to secure an area, where to find evidence, how to collect it without contaminating it, what it might mean. Perhaps more significantly, he's an expert at completely fucking up a crime scene to minimize the odds of any other investigators getting anything useful out of it.


Trivia and Notes:

  • Fully capable of tactical defense and offense at close range, but tends to avoid engaging targets when the odds are even or otherwise not in his favor.
  • Does not take report writing very seriously. Has probably been asked to rewrite them with less personal commentary on more than one occasion.
  • Sports the 'tagged' mark on the back of his neck and typically tries to wear shirts high-collared enough to hide it.
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