James Muldoon

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Name James Muldoon Aliases None
Status Unregistered Evolved Ability Unknown
Gender Male Race/Eth. White; Anglo-Scot
Birthdate Unknown Age 48
Height 5'10" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Blond
Residence Unknown
Employment Former Investment Banker
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Divorced Children Unknown
First Seen Hospitality Last Seen Modus Operandi
Profile James Muldoon is a British investment banker who worked as a bookkeeper at the Pancratium as a means of padding his assets. Following the kidnapping of Abigail Beauchamp, he fled New York City when Coren Shelby and Elisabeth Harrison executed a search and seize warrant on his Manhattan office in relation to the crime. Although his personal records contained no evidence connecting him to Beauchamp, they suggested he'd been heavily involved in other illicit activities, including several counts of fraud. He is currently wanted by the NYPD. His whereabouts are unknown.
James Muldoon
portrayed by

Daniel Craig


James Muldoon is a staff-run NPC. Please contact Ellis for details.


January, 2009
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February, 2009
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March, 2009
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April, 2009
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