Mynama Barros-Nunes

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Name Mynama Barros-Nunes Aliases
Status Registered Evolved Ability Mass Transfer (in discovery)
Gender Female Race/Eth. African; Nigerian
Birthdate June 11, 1994 Age 17
Height 5'9" Build 120 lbs
Eyes Brown Hair Black-brown
Residence Bannerman Castle
Employment None
Parents Oscar Nunes (adoptive father) Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen If I Was Less Mature Last Seen
Profile A troubled teen originally from Nigeria but raised in Portugal, Mynama is reeling from (and rejoicing in) the recent discovery of the SLC marker in her genes. She can be often found in the Suresh Center ogling the abilities of others, or else in East Harlem revisiting her old stomping grounds.
Mynama Barros-Nunes
portrayed by

Clara Aker Benjamin
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myn-vol11.png Brawp brawp brawp.
Date Title Summary
If I was Less Mature A convergence of three in the lobby of the Suresh Center.
We Haven't Long to be Young and Foolish A trip to the Romance section at the bookstore becomes the stage for delightfully ironic speechifying.
Drive-by Teep'ing A homeless telepath unnerves some people with his inability to block thoughts, much less stop repeating them.
Out of Her Gourd Mynama tries to blow up a pumpkin with her brain and Daphne stops by to make smartassed comments — then actually gives some real advice.
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