Nadia Ba'albaki

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Name Nadia Fadwa Ba'albaki Aliases
Status Registered Evolved (Tier 2) Ability Terrakinesis
Gender Female Race/Eth. Moroccan
Birthdate December 6, 1984 Age 26
Height 5'6" Build Slender/Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Black
Residence Manhattan, NY
Employment Self Employed, Sculptor
Parents Johara and Hashim Ba'albaki Siblings Aziz Ba'albaki
Marital Status Single Children None
First Seen Marble Moniker Last Seen
Profile At one point, Nadia was the quiet, mousy little architect student in the corner, who seemed to live in her own little world. Registered since the Linderman Act was passed, she kept quiet, usually keeping to herself and practicing her ability in privacy. However, in August of 2010, Nadia burst out of her shell and onto the media scene as the new face of Registration. She's doing her best to use her fame to her advantage, and has recently created the MNYB Foundation, or Make New York Beautiful Foundation. The 8th caused problems, and a few changes in her mindset. Who knows what the future will bring?
Nadia Ba'albaki
portrayed by

Maryam Hassouni


Info on Holmes, Nadia's Corgi.



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